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Be/Live/Work Summit

January 10, 2016

Alba Creales calls her Summit, Work//Live//Be: 21 Spiritual Lessons For A Happy + Healthy Life. But I told her I’d start with BE then move to LIVE and end with WORK! She got my meaning and we had a good laugh.

Alba is a Yoga Instructor and Health Coach and her summit launches Jan 19, 2016. Alba’s first question was about the famous Edison’s quote featured on my website – “The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest her or his patients in the care of the human frame, in a proper diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.” That immediately led to a discussion about the food crisis that we are now facing.

At a time when the younger generation, who make up Alba’s audience, is going Raw, Juicing Green and converting to Veganism, I’m afraid our food is NOT of high enough quality to support their health!

By age 25, Alba said she was burnt out and stressed and finally bedridden with chronic fatigue syndrome and worse! During our interview she was stunned to learn that maybe her vegan diet didn’t contain the minerals that she thought it did and she had the symptoms to prove it.

I’ve had a similar discussion with Michael Sandler, who realized he and his wife Jessica had severe magnesium deficiency during out video interview – Why We’re All Magnesium Deficiency: Top Signs & What To Do.

In both interviews I talked about the kefir health fad. People are drinking quarts of kefir for the protein and probiotics but not thinking that they may be getting too much calcium. One cup of milk contains about 300mg of calcium. If you drink a quart you are ingesting 1,200 mg of highly absorbable calcium and using up your magnesium, which helps absorb calcium and directs it to the bones and teeth. Calcium is necessary, of course, but only about 600mg a day should suffice. To read more about calcium and magnesium read my magnesium books or google my name and calcium.

The younger generation is also subject to the alternative health dynamic now afoot. This means exposure to thousands of supplements; hundreds of therapies; scores of expensive testing – even genetic testing; and dozens of diets. But rarely can they find a practitioner with a comprehensive overview of it all to give them guidance. Or to encourage them to use their own intuition and take responsibility for their own health.

Is this young population turning to alternatives because they have become ill – like Alba? Have they grown up on Ritalin, antibiotics and allergy drugs and expect pills to be the cure for whatever ails them? But instead of drugs they turn to supplements or extreme diets. One of my clients was on 300-500 supplement pills a day recommended by her nutritionist. Others have gotten sicker on strict diets. It’s news like this that convinced me to work with the Total Body ReSet formulas as the most basic and simple way to provide the body with the nutrients it needs.

For more information, be sure and join Alba’s free summit Work//Live//Be: 21 Spiritual Lessons For A Happy + Healthy Life.

Carolyn Dean MD ND

The Doctor of the Future™

SUMMITS: Websites will be added as the Summits come online.

1. Love Your Body – Use the Power of Your Mind to Lose Weight & Feel Strong, Sexy and Confident at any Age with Carrie Charles. Launches Jan 19, 2016.

2. Work//Live//Be: 21 Spiritual Lessons For A Happy + Healthy Life with Yoga Instructor and Coach Alba Creales. Launches Jan 19, 2016.

3. Hormonal Harmony with Sarah Howard RN. Launches Jan 25, 2016. My talk is scheduled for Jan 29.

4. Health Mama Revolution Summit with           Sarah Burgess. Launches Jan 26, 2016 and runs until Feb 8.

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