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Love Your Body Summit

January 12, 2016

Love Your Body – Use the Power of Your Mind to Lose Weight & Feel Strong, Sexy and Confident at any Age with Carrie Charles. Carrie is a Master Certified Life Coach, Speaker and Author. Her Summit launches Jan 19, 2016 and my talk is on Jan 23rd. Carrie asked all her guests to share ways to train our minds to take better care of our bodies. She also wanted to explore our personal health stories.

My health story began with finding out about my magnesium deficiency while writing a book on magnesium over 15 years ago. My story has a very happy ending. In the last 3 years, I created my own magnesium product – ReMag, which is the cure for my heart palpitations and leg cramps.

Then our discussion became more about Carrie’s health. In the midst of booking out interview, Carrie had to take some medical tests and when we spoke, I was able to give her some very crucial advice about her diagnosis. It was another one of those Ah Ha moments that seem to happen all the time on my radio show.

The topic Carrie and I discussed was DCIS. In my blog, Calcified with Calcium & Vitamin D, I reference another blog, , where I blow the whistle on DCIS. I say: “DCIS (ductal carcinoma in situ) is said to be a very early form of breast cancer. It’s described as being pre-cancerous, pre-invasive or non-invasive. So it’s not even cancer. It’s usually diagnosed on a screening mammogram and shows up as microcalcifications in breast tissue. However, microcalcifications are very common in the breasts. According to a doctor friend of mine who specializes in ultrasound and thermography diagnosis, the amount of calcification she sees in her clients is escalating year by year. This microcalcification is likely due to the overuse of calcium supplements, calcium fortification and the high doses of Vitamin D being prescribed without the proper balance of magnesium.”

Overcalcification is epidemic and the only cure is magnesium. However, there is a segment of the population (with multiple health problems, on many medications) who can’t take enough magnesium to get a therapeutic effect without getting the laxative effect. ReMag turns that notion completely around, because it has no laxative effect and it’s absorbed 100% at the cellular level.

Please tune into Carrie’s Summit and pick up many more tips to help turn your health around.

Carolyn Dean MD ND

The Doctor of the Future™

SUMMITS: Websites will be added as the Summits come online.

1. Love Your Body – Use the Power of Your Mind to Lose Weight & Feel Strong, Sexy and Confident at any Age with Carrie Charles. Launches Jan 19, 2016. My interview is Jan 23.

2. Work//Live//Be: 21 Spiritual Lessons For A Happy + Healthy Life with Yoga Instructor and Coach Alba Creales. Launches Jan 19, 2016.

3. Hormonal Harmony with Sarah Howard RN. Launches Jan 25, 2016. My talk is scheduled for Jan 29.

4. Health Mama Revolution Summit with Sarah Burgess. Launches Jan 26, 2016 and runs until Feb 8.

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