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Magnesium for Broken Heart Syndrome

January 8, 2016

Broken Heart Syndrome is another missed diagnosis, and a missed opportunity for modern medicine to truly help patients. I think medicine is very pleased with themselves for acknowledging this condition and validating its existence. But they don’t know what causes it or how to treat it. Of course, I see it as another obvious symptom of magnesium deficiency.

Experts say broken-heart syndrome, which most often affects women in their 60s or older, can be brought on by strong emotions, such as grief, anger and anxiety, or by physical stress or even intense joy or excitement. The symptoms mimic a heart attack but without evidence of coronary artery disease.

Researchers suspect these patients suffer from an impaired parasympathetic nervous system – the calming part of the nervous system. It was labeled broken heart syndrome because a common trigger is a loved one’s illness or death.

Doctors have prescribed beta blockers to prevent a recurrence, but a recent study found this isn’t effective. Read my blog on Killer Beta Blockers to see what I think about this group of drugs. The present study found that relaxation techniques such as breath therapy, yoga and meditation should be tested for preventing broken-heart syndrome while other branches of medicine want to medicate the problem.

In the Aging section of Chapter 15 of The Magnesium Miracle, I talk about magnesium deficiency in the elderly. I cite autonomic nervous system disturbances that involve both the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, causing hypotension on rising quickly or borderline hypertension. In elderly patients, excessive emotionality, tremor, weakness, sleep disorders, amnesia and cognitive disturbances are particularly important aspects of magnesium deficiency.”

If a person is already magnesium deficient and they are overwhelmed with grief and shock, their magnesium burn-rate soars and they can experience a coronary event. Although breathing exercises, yoga and meditation may be beneficial to calm your parasympathetic nervous system – the Best Treatment is still ReMag. Make sure anyone and everyone you know is on ReMag because no doctor is going to tell them about it and it could save their lives!

I’m sorry but this latest blog makes me want to Rant! How is it that I can unearth the research showing that magnesium deficiency compromises the parasympathetic nervous system but these doctors can’t or won’t? Why are drug solutions the only route that doctors will travel and nutrients are considered, at best, useless or, at worst, quackery? There is a formidable anti-nutrient lobby at work that is threatening our lives and our health. Our only recourse is to take responsibility for, and protect our own health. I offer my Total Body ReSet formulas as a safe, effective, inexpensive solution to most health problems. See the resources below to find out how to get involved.

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