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The Healthy Mama Revolution Summit

January 26, 2016

The Healthy Mama Revolution Summit with Sarah Burgess, launches Jan 26, 2016 and runs until Feb 8. My interview is scheduled for Jan 29. It’s one of the most important summits that you will ever attend because it’s helping mothers raise healthy children by taking care of their own health.

Maybe it’s because my audience if past the child-bearing stage, but whenever I write about pregnancy or motherhood, I don’t get much of an audience and I find that a bit disturbing. Why? Because it’s the moms that give over their bodies for 9 months to another life form and then nurture that little person until they grow bigger and bigger and leave home. The groundwork you lay in the womb and then in the home manifests over and over again.

That’s why being a healthy mama and supporting any mother you know to be healthy supports the whole community.

In my talk with Sarah, I brought up the absolute requirement for magnesium, especially ReMag during pregnancy and nursing. magnesium prevents eclampsia (high blood pressure, seizures and fluid retention), muscle cramps, constipation, insomnia, anxiety and depression that can be related to pregnancy. I mentioned the need for ReMyte – with all the minerals to support the thyroid. The thyroid undergoes a lot of strain during pregnancy. Minerals are very much depleted during pregnancy as they cross into the placenta to help grow new cells. Zinc depletion can lead to post partum depression – and you can find zinc in ReMyte. We also talked about yeast overgrowth that can occur during pregnancy and be passed on to the newborn.

I don’t know the topics of the other speakers but I will tune in because, as I said at the top, this summit is extremely important. And if you aren’t interested for yourself take notes for your daughter or your granddaughter!

The summit is free and launches today!! So, please sign up immediately for The Healthy Mama Revolution Summit!

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