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Don’t Vaccinate without ReMag and Vitamin C

February 20, 2016

Helen Saul Case, bright and beautiful daughter of Dr. Andrew Saul – Editor-in-Chief of the Orthomolecular News Service, shares her experience of vaccinating her daughter and protecting her with Vitamin C. In her article Don’t Vaccinate without Vitamin C, Helen says:

“At fifteen months old, hours after she received two shots for four diseases, DPT (diphtheria, pertussis, and tetanus) and Hib (Haemophilus influenzae type b), my baby daughter was screaming, falling over and uncoordinated, and spiked a fever that registered as high as 103.5 degrees on our temporal thermometer. Knowing that in large doses, vitamin C is an antipyretic (fever reducer) in addition to being an antibiotic, antiviral, and antitoxin. I acted fast and got the fever under control with very large doses of ascorbic acid and calcium ascorbate, or buffered vitamin C, to bowel tolerance, and a tepid bath. At bowel tolerance of vitamin C, she was no longer screaming and uncoordinated. Within the first hour her fever was down by a degree; in the second hour, another degree. For the remainder of the evening her fever hovered around 100.5.”

Along with Vitamin C, I would use ReMag. I’ve had many occasions where patients, family, customers, clients say they or their children are having a toxic reaction and a fever – to any number of things – and I tell them all the same thing, take 2-3 tsp in ReMag in sea salted water and within a few hours you’ll get your body back!

Sidebar: I’m not advocating vaccination, but if you are “forced” to vaccinate, don’t wait for a reaction, before and after the shot take ReMag, ReAline and vitamin C to weather the storm. When I was forced to take a vaccination for my Green Card application – I asked for the dregs from the vaccine vial and made a homeopathic remedy from it to antidote the poison. The directions for Making Your Own Remedy are in my Future Health Now Encyclopedia.

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