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Life Mastery Beyond 40

March 5, 2016

The next Summit, Lisa Winston’s Life Mastery Beyond 40 launches Mar 14, 2016 and goes until Apr 5. My Video Interview is on March 20th. We had a fun conversation, Lisa got me reminiscing about the experiences that defined my many careers. Lisa was excited when I told her I feel healthier now that I did 20 years ago.

Here is what Lisa says about the goals for her Summit.

“JUST SAY NO to allowing your age to DEFINE YOU!! Bust through the myth that aging equals decline. Kick the old beliefs and warped social consciousness around aging to the curb! You have a choice. You get to do whatever you want to do at any age! Learn to be the master of your experience and live a vibrant, on-purpose life until you’re 105+! Join us for this brilliant, fun, transparent, authentic and powerful FREE ONLINE EVENT.”

On the Summit, I didn’t talk much about magnesium as the antidote to aging. So, the best way for me to do that now is to refer you to a masterful review of the existing literature on the topic of aging and magnesium. I found it in my research for the 2017 edition of The Magnesium Miracle that I’m working on now. You can read the full text online under this very long title: “Short-Term Magnesium Deficiency Downregulates Telomerase, Upregulates Neutral Sphingomyelinase and Induces Oxidative DNA Damage in Cardiovascular Tissues: Relevance to Atherogenesis, Cardiovascular Diseases and Aging.” It’s written by Shah NC, et al. and it’s published in the Int J Clin Exp Med. 2014; 7(3): 497–514.

This article will leave no stone unturned about magnesium and aging and will settle any debate about this topic. For example, telomeres are a hot topic in anti-aging circles but I rarely find any mention of the importance of magnesium in telomere production and function. But this article will blow your socks off. Instead of incredibly expensive treatments to “save your telomeres” all you have to do is Take Magnesium. And if you want the best absorbed, most therapeutic, non-laxative form of magnesium, use must use ReMag.

Another important consideration after 40 is hormone balance. To balance the thyroid, adrenals and sex hormones, I recommend ReMag, sea salt in your drinking water and ReMyte with the 9 minerals that support the thyroid. If toxicity – medication, heavy metals, yeast overgrowth – is part of your reality – I recommend ReAline and RnA Drops for making perfect cells and achieving detachment and bliss.

Carolyn Dean MD ND

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SUMMITS: The summits just keep coming, my list is up to 22 summits in the last 12 months.

1. Life Mastery Beyond 40 with Lisa Winston. Launches Mar 14, 2016. My talk is on Mar 20.

2. High Heels and High Chairs – Staying Strong, Sexy, and Centered in a World of Spit Up and Sippy Cups with Dr. Michelle Sands. Launches April 11.

3. Beautiful, Sexy, Badass: Unlock Your Confidence, Vitality, Beauty And True Power For Your Ultimate Life Now with Terry Sobon, Health Coach and Yoga Instructor. Launches Apr 18.

4. The Powerful Peaceful Professional Series! With Carmen D. Tekwe, PhD. Live from Apr 4 until Apr 24, 2016.

5. Mindful Weight Release Series, Kellee Rutley DC. May 10.

6. Better Beyond 50 Summit with Melissa Koerner. Live from Sun Nov 6-Nov 20, 2016.

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