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Opioid Painkillers, Kill Patients Instead

March 15, 2016

On the Ides of March, 2016 the “CDC Issues Opioid Guidelines for ‘Doctor-Driven’ Epidemic” to combat an epidemic of prescription overdoses that claims 40 lives a day.” Forty lives lost every day! That’s a side effect worth noting and worth finding alternatives for.

But first, what’s an opioid? I’m sure you’re familiar with: codeine, hydrocodone (Vicondin), oxycodone (Percocet, OxyContin) and morphine. Opioids are addictive and there has always been a debate about their safe use. Why I think they have become such a problem and finally drawn the attention of the CDC is because proper management of pain medication requires that a doctor talk to his/her patient to determine compliance, effectiveness and dosage. Since doctors don’t have time to talk to their patients, 40 are dying every day. Opioid overdose is another side effect of our seven-minute doctor appointments.

The Director of the CDC says “For the vast majority of patients, the known, serious and all too often fatal risks far outweigh the unproven and transient benefits, and there are safer alternatives.”

The safer alternatives have the CDC swinging the pendulum from total body numbing, addictive, obliviating opioid drugs to exercise and behavioral therapy. Sorry, that’s just not going to cut it. Doctors have not learned any other options for pain control except take this drug, or if that doesn’t work, take that drug. Patients lurch back and forth between the side effects of NSAIDs and opiates.

Why won’t doctors work with chiropractors? In 1963, the AMA set out to destroy the chiropractic profession by banning their doctors from referring to chiropractors. It took 30 years until 1992 when the US Supreme Court sided with the chiropractors and lifted the ban. But the damage was already done and doctors still avoid the profession. Doctors also pooh pooh acupuncture and they certainly don’t consider magnesium as a treatment for pain.

Here’s my pain protocol. I tell people with chronic pain to read Dr. John Sarno’s book Healing Back Pain. I recommend Egoscue.com for body alignment and regular body work with a chiropractor or masseuse. Here’s what one of our customers has to say. “I’m a body worker and on my first intake visit, before I even touch my patient, I put them on ReMag for one week. After that one week I begin treatment and find that my patients have miraculous results. I’ve never seen anything like it. They also tell me that they sleep better, anxiety is gone and pain is gone. They think I’m the miracle worker but it’s the ReMag.” I’m sure it’s a combination or both.

I’m saying there are alternatives but you are not likely to find them in your local medical clinic, you have to seek them out for yourself. You can also educate yourself with the many free health summits that I’ve been involved with over the past year. See the latest list below and keep checking back for the links.

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SUMMITS: The summits just keep coming. My list is up to 22 summits in the last 12 months.

1. Life Mastery Beyond 40 with Lisa Winston. Launches Mar 14, 2016. My talk is on Mar 20.

2. The Powerful Peaceful Professional Series! With Carmen D. Tekwe, PhD. Live from Apr 4 until Apr 24, 2016.

3. High Heels and High Chairs – Staying Strong, Sexy, and Centered in a World of Spit Up and Sippy Cups with Dr. Michelle Sands. Launches April 11.

4. Beautiful, Sexy, Badass: Unlock Your Confidence, Vitality, Beauty And True Power For Your Ultimate Life Now with Terry Sobon, Health Coach and Yoga Instructor. Launches Apr 18.

5. The Slim and Chic Corporate Queen: Drop the Weight, Gain the Time, and Banish the Feeling of Burnout with Shannon Sullivan. Going Live May 9.

6. Mindful Weight Release Series, Kellee Rutley DC. May 10.

7. Better Beyond 50 Summit with Melissa Koerner. Live from Sun Nov 6-Nov 20, 2016.

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