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April 29, 2016

Therese Christofferson is hosting her Ageless Living Revolution Summit from Denmark! Of course, with the awesome nature of global communication via the internet, you can be anywhere and connect with anyone. Therese teaches Pilates and is a health coach who wants to help people live joyful and healthy lives. The Summit goes live on May 3, 2016 with a line up of 21 experts with advice and tips for Ageless Living. My interview airs May 5th.

Therese and I discussed the mindset of aging that is common in the world today with people chasing after expensive and ineffective “cures.” I said that I was becoming more convinced that supplying the body with the right building blocks was the basis of the real cure. For example, we know that the majority of centenarians live in mountainous regions with lots of minerals in the streams from which they drink and water their crops.

Minerals are very deficient in our diets but an aggravating factor is that most people over 50 are on medications, which can greatly deplete magnesium and drags them onto the slippery slope of chronic illness. Here’s one of hundreds of examples I have gathered over the years of a person turning their health around with the miracle of magnesium.

“I’m a 58-year old man in pretty good health. About 15 years ago my doctor put me on an ACE inhibitor for hypertension. I had no obvious side effects at first, but then I began to notice dark rust color areas on my shins and ankles. The doctor explained it away as normal aging and a result of being overweight. I accepted that. Then I began to lose the hair from my shins. Same explanation and again, I accepted that. I began to notice less body hair in general and accepted it. Then over that past few years, I began feeling very “out of it” or “foggy brained” and this caused me great anxiety. I felt a tiredness that was unexplainable and an overall tightness in my body. My doctor just said I was getting old. Then for some miraculous reason, about 6 months ago, I saw one of your articles. I recognized myself in so many of the magnesium deficiency symptoms you described that I immediately began taking magnesium. After one day, I noticed a lessening of the brain fog. As the days went on I noticed more and more improvements in the way I felt. My life is changing for the better on a daily basis. My blood pressure has come down and I began to realize that if my blood pressure is elevated, it’s not the high blood pressure that’s the problem, it’s just my body’s response to a systemic problem. So I took myself off the ACE inhibitor. Now, that rusty discoloration on my shins is getting absorbed by my body, it’s nearly gone. Hair is growing again on my shins. My toenails, which had become split and sickly looking are now perfect. The hair on my legs and arms is thick and more dense. Hair is once again growing on my fingers where it had all fallen out. I had debilitating pain in my ankle that is decreasing consistently since beginning the ReMag. The Ortho wanted to do an ankle fusion. My brain fog and anxiety are GONE. My skin looks 10 years younger. But one of the strangest things that I’ve noticed is my lung capacity has increased. I went through a period of having a productive cough for a few weeks. Now that it’s ended I feel an obvious improved comfort in the way I breathe. As if my lungs are clearer and less restricted. Here’s another interesting thing that occurred. At my regular dental visit, the hygienist told me that my teeth had accumulated very little plaque since my last cleaning. I was one of these people that would get a big build up on the back of my bottom teeth where saliva would pool. Not any more. I’ve gotten my vitality back and I notice that I’m now beginning to very gradually lose weight. I can’t thank you enough for your research and your consistent effort to educate us all about the benefits of this simple mineral.

Please join me on the Ageless Living Revolution Summit for more stories that you can put to use in creating your own ageless, healthy life.

Carolyn Dean MD ND

The Doctor of the Future®


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