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Fierce, Fit, Fun Summit & The Joy of Magnesium

April 16, 2016

Jennifer Lake is a Life and Leadership Coach, a Yoga Instructor, a wife, a mother and a passionate adoption advocate. Jennifer’s Summit is called Fierce, Fit and Fun; it launches April 18th. The theme for the Summit is fun and playfulness and how to put more play into your process. I told Jennifer that we need the energy to play and the calm to recover and said that magnesium – my ReMag – could provide both. She immediately wanted to know all about The Joy of Magnesium.

Jennifer has lots of energy but she told me she is doing dozens of interviews for her Summit and that she just might need some extra magnesium! We did manage to talk about some fun times. I told her that in my medical practice if a patient had to have surgery, I would book it on my day off and stand in on the surgery. Sometimes I even saved organs that a doctor would normally just lop off if the family doc wasn’t standing by his shoulder – I was usually on a stool! (I have a shortness syndrome!)

Jennifer thanked me for sharing many golden nuggets in our interview. I don’t remember them all so you will just have to sign up for the Free Summit which starts April 18th and check out my interview which airs April 21st.

Throughout the Summit Jennifer wants you to learn:

* key actions and inspirations

* time saving strategies

* a practice that takes 60 seconds to shift you from being stressed to at ease

* a practice that will help lift you and others up around you

* why it is so important to know the difference between being alkaline and acidic and what you can do about it

* my favorite word

* laughter is a proven stress reducer, immune booster and community builder

* and so much more!

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SUMMITS: 1. The Powerful Peaceful Professional Summit with Carmen D. Tekwe, PhD. Live from Apr 4 until Apr 24, 2016. 2. High Heels and High Chairs – Staying Strong, Sexy, and Centered in a World of Spit Up and Sippy Cups with Dr. Michelle Sands. Launches April 11. 3. Beautiful, Sexy, Badass: Unlock Your Confidence, Vitality, Beauty And True Power For Your Ultimate Life Now with Terry Sobon, Health Coach and Yoga Instructor. Launches Apr 18. 4. Fierce Fit Fun with Jennifer Lake. My talk on The Joy of Magnesium will be posted on April 21st.

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