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Magnesium Makes Me Radiant

April 18, 2016

Yes, it’s another Summit! They are the latest form of communication from the world of natural health and they are free. Your Most Radiant Life Ever is a Summit created by Kelly Bradley featuring 40 guest speakers and reaching an audience of 300,000. Kelly is a Well Being and Abundance Coach who loves the work I’m doing to help people improve their health and well-being. Like many people who dedicate their lives to helping others, Kelly, has had her health challenges and she’s celebrating life by launching her Summit, tomorrow, April 19th on her 40th birthday! The Summit will run for two intense weeks through May 3rd.

As with many of the Summit hosts that I’ve me, Kelly shared that her personal health challenges led her to her present career. She wanted interview me because her severe chronic pelvic and hip pain were very much helped by magnesium and she wanted to pass the miracle of magnesium along to her audience. She was very interested to learn that she may not be using the most therapeutic magnesium and was very excited when I described my ReMag and it’s non-laxative properties.

Here’s an excerpt from a previous blog I wrote about chronic pain.

“Someone asked me if ReMag could help treat a bone spur causing pinched nerve pain in the neck. This gentleman said he gets various, sudden twinges and pinching sensations, which doctors say is the bone spur pinching nerves.

Here’s what usually happens when you tell a doctor you have pain – they do an x-ray and if they find ANYTHING on the x-ray they say that’s the cause of your problem. Retired Rehabilitation Specialist, Dr. John Sarno says that pain very often DOES NOT match x-ray images. But you have the pain and now you have the x-rays that show you have a damaged body and Fear sets in and clinches the deal. How do you overcome the pain AND the fear?

Bone spurs are calcium build up, which means magnesium deficiency. Bone spurs are not sawing back and forth on raw nerves – if that were happening, the pain would be constant and worsening. For the most part, muscles go into spasm to protect nerves but end up periodically pinching them off and causing intermittent pain.

Oral ReMag and spraying it on painful sites may be all you require to treat your pain. Take Louise, who calls in on my radio show. She said that 20 minutes after her first dose of ReMag, her 20-year long head pain from a motorcycle accident went away. But if you use ReMag and there is some residual pain – Sarno’s approach will definitely help. Also remember to hydrate and put sea salt in your water. Read more in my free ReMag and ReMyte books.

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SUMMITS: 1. The Powerful Peaceful Professional Summit with Carmen D. Tekwe, PhD. Live from Apr 4 until Apr 24, 2016. 2. High Heels and High Chairs – Staying Strong, Sexy, and Centered in a World of Spit Up and Sippy Cups with Dr. Michelle Sands. Launches April 11. 3. Beautiful, Sexy, Badass: Unlock Your Confidence, Vitality, Beauty And True Power For Your Ultimate Life Now with Terry Sobon, Health Coach and Yoga Instructor. Launches Apr 18. 4. Fierce Fit Fun with Jennifer Lake. My talk on The Joy of Magnesium will be posted on April 21st. 5. Your Most Radiant Live Ever with Well-Being Coach Kelley Bradley. Launches April 19 and runs through May 3, 2016.

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