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The Beautiful, Sexy, Badass Summit is Back

April 13, 2016

Join me for The Beautiful, Sexy, Badass: Unlock Your Confidence, Vitality, Beauty And True Power For Your Ultimate Life Now! with Terry Sobon, Health Coach and Yoga teacher. LOL. Yes, the title says it all.

I am happily doing my third Badass Summit that has an April 18th launch date and my interview is April 27th. It’s an opportunity to meet 15+ experts including doctors, fitness experts, health coaches, business experts, personal development mentors, mind/body gurus, hypnotherapists and best-selling authors. We all have something to share and are grateful for the opportunity to share our expertise with an audience of 170,000!

As Terry says in her promotion of the Summit she wants to listeners to learn:

  • How to strike that delicate (but powerful) balance between your physical, mental, and spiritual health for a “total being” level of wellness.
  • Techniques from the leading experts where you’ll discover “tried-and-tested” methods for taking care of yourself… so you can take care of business!
  • Why the lifestyle experts on the Summit want you to steer clear of stress (no matter what it takes).
  • The actionable tools to finding that peace you need to find calm amidst the storm.
  • And much, much more…

Summits are so fresh and current that you shouldn’t pass them up. For example, I’m updating my Magnesium Miracle book. It’s due in at the Random House offices the end of May 2016, but it won’t be published until some time in 2017! It could be a year and a half before it’s in print making the research already a year and a half out of date. So, the Summits I do give me an opportunity to talk about the latest research and my most recent case histories and testimonials about my work.

Here are a couple of BadAss testimonials from folks on Facebook that should encourage you to never give up!

“ Here is an update on my Mom. She had a visit with her pulmonary doc today to get some test results The chest X-rays showed improvement and her pulmonary function test was actually IMPROVED from the last one (about 6 months ago). This is huge! Over the course of the 7 years or so that she has had COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and lung infections. Her tests ALWAYS showed things were getting WORSE…not better. Everyone expected them to keep getting worse. They told her she would have to be on antibiotics forever. Now she is getting better and we know it’s because of Dr. Deans’ incredible Total Body ReSet formulas. She’s only been using them for a little more than 3 months. Imagine how great she’ll be doing in another 6 months!! She has been able to stop taking the antibiotic Azythromycin (YAY!!!). She is amazed by her test results, and is so happy to feel better. I am so grateful I found you and your miracle products!”

“I have been “chasing” my health for almost 6 years now. I recently insisted my doctor dig further to find out why I felt so bad when my blood tests said EVERYTHING was in the normal range. He discovered that I have a mutant gene that doesn’t allow my body to access any B vitamins. With a B-12 shot once a month I had no more anxiety, more energy, less brain fog, but was still not able to even walk on my treadmill. I had plateaued in my increased energy until I began taking ReMag & ReMyte! These two solutions have changed EVERYTHING for me! I feel almost as good as I did in my 30’s, and expect things to keep getting better. I’m on my 2d bottle of ReMag, and am just finishing up my first bottle of ReMyte! I won’t be without either of these now! AMAZING products! I’ve recently added ReAline (which has B12) and the RnA Drops. I am so thankful to my friend that recommended them. And this shipping times are beyond my expectations!”

 Carolyn Dean MD ND

The Doctor of the Future™

SUMMITS: 1. The Powerful Peaceful Professional Summit with Carmen D. Tekwe, PhD. Live from Apr 4 until Apr 24, 2016. 2. High Heels and High Chairs – Staying Strong, Sexy, and Centered in a World of Spit Up and Sippy Cups with Dr. Michelle Sands. Launches April 11. 3. Beautiful, Sexy, Badass: Unlock Your Confidence, Vitality, Beauty And True Power For Your Ultimate Life Now with Terry Sobon, Health Coach and Yoga Instructor. Launches Apr 18. 4. Fierce Fit Fun with Jennifer Lake. My talk on The Joy of Magnesium will be posted on April 21st.

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