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Healers in Need of Healing Cannot Heal

May 26, 2016

According to a recent Medscape article Healers in Need of Healing Cannot Heal, “The ‘triple aim’ of healthcare—enhancing patient outcomes of care, improving population health, and reducing costs—was first introduced in the literature in 2008 and has become healthcare’s Holy Grail.” But they are concerned that these goals cannot be met if over 50% of doctors are burnt out.

This Medscape article is a response to a study showing that 55% of doctors have signs and symptoms of burnout. I wrote about it in my blog Physician Burnout Dec 8, 2015. The authors want to change the first aim of health care to address the burnout situation suffered by doctors and place them back in a leadership position. That puts patients in second place.

The authors then suggest a process that entails “a personal inner journey, one involving the courageous development of self-awareness through a reflective process that instructs as to how one’s strengths and shadows are affecting one’s ability to inspire, enlist others, and create collaboration for needed change.”

Believe me, this process is never going to happen in the medical world. These are all words that are verboden in medical school. Even healing and cure are terms that are not used in medicine. I was admonished for sitting on a patient’s bed during my clerkship. We were told in no uncertain terms to not get “too close” to patients and not to get into the “woo woo” stuff. During my internship, a woman who had survived the concentration camps was given a diagnosis of cancer. When she broke down and cried, her doctor didn’t console her but sent for the psychiatric team! She felt betrayed by her doctors who now implied she was crazy because she was upset. She told me confidentially that at least in the camps you knew who the enemy was!

In the Medscape article, “One physician in a senior management position said, ‘I don’t understand why (our) physicians can’t find purpose and meaning on my agenda.’” He wanted his doctors “to have the skills that inspire, gain others’ respect, and enlist others into collaboration.” Unfortunately the leadership position that doctors are forced to demonstrate betrays the best interests of their patients and raises a moral dilemma for many doctors because it involves forcing reluctant patients to take more drugs and undergo more surgery that causes untold side effects instead of leading them towards a better lifestyle.

In my opinion, that’s why doctors are burnt out; they see patients getting sicker and sicker and won’t admit it’s the drugs they are taking that may be the problem. They are only allowed to spend 7 minutes with a patient, so they are never going to have the time to “inspire, gain respect or enlist collaboration.” They will never have time to engage in lifestyle counseling or commonsense advice – they only have enough time to write a prescription. I’m sorry but the word healer is not one that I would use in an allopathic context.

The rest of the article is a complex hodgepodge of contradictory directives that are meaningless in a system that everyone knows is not working. Enhancing patient outcomes of care is not happening! What would help make things better is if allopathic medicine would embrace health options other than drugs and surgery.

Of course, magnesium is never mentioned as a “cure” to “heal” a person who is under stress or as a therapy for patients instead of taking meds. Instead of the complexity of allopathic medicine, start with the basics of health – The Total Body ReSet formulas: magnesium and multiple minerals, a gentle detox and make some perfect cells and you’ll begin your own healing journey!

Carolyn Dean MD ND

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