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Reboot Your Brain Summit

May 2, 2016

Leah Lund created the Reboot Your Brain Summit and it’s already underway. Leah identifies herself as a Neuro Nutrient Therapy Specialist, a Holistic Health Coach, a Laughter Yoga Leader & a perfectly flawed Human BEING. As you can tell, she’s a lot of fun but when I talked on her summit we got serious about magnesium for the brain. Leah works to help balance neurotransmitter activity in the brain using amino acids and I helped her understand the importance of feeding the brain magnesium as a basic building block of brain chemistry.

Leah’s Summit is already underway and my interview, called, Magnesium: The Miracle Brain Mineral! will be aired on May 7, 2016. In my interview I used the chapters of the online book Magnesium in the Central Nervous System to show the importance of magnesium in the brain. Here are some of the points I made or wanted to make!

Chapter 3. Magnesium Transport Across the Blood-Brain Barriers. Magnesium ions are transported across cell membranes of neurons. All magnesium compounds can break down into ions, but only ReMag’s magnesium ions are stabilized allowing complete cellular absorption. The mitochondria in neurons utilize magnesium in the Krebs cycle that makes ATP, our essential energy molecules.

Chapter 6. Brain Magnesium Homeostasis as a Target for Reducing Cognitive Aging. And Chapter 7. The Role of Magnesium Therapy in Learning and Memory. Magnesium as absolutely necessary in the cerebrospinal fluid in order to keep brain learning and memory receptors active. The term they use for this activity, interactivity, and changeability is plasticity. It’s the loss of plasticity in the brain region responsible for storing short-term memories that causes forgetfulness in the elderly. MIT researchers concluded, “As predicted by our theory, increasing the concentration of magnesium and reducing the background level of noise led to the largest increases of plasticity ever reported in scientific literature.”

Chapter 8. The Role of Magnesium in Headache and Migraine. Magnesium is the most important natural treatment for these conditions.

Chapter 10. Magnesium and Hearing Loss. Calcification of the tiny bones in the ear can cause hearing loss and magnesium can dissolve those calcium deposits.

Chapter 11. The Role of Magnesium in Pain. Magnesium decreases the inflammation muscle spasm caused by any injury. Take it orally or spray it on and take Epsom salts baths.

Chapter 12. The Role of Magnesium in Traumatic CNS Injury. From animal studies, we know that brain magnesium levels fall dramatically at the site of injury as this mineral is depleted in a nonstop cascade of events. Studies of animal and human brain trauma victims suggest that higher magnesium levels are associated with a better recovery.

Chapter 18. Magnesium and Alzheimer’s Disease. Magnesium is deficient in people who have Alzheimer’s disease or Parkinson’s disease.

Chapter 20. Magnesium in Neuroses. In animal studies, magnesium helps reduce fear states but doesn’t suppress them as would a drug.

Chapter 21. Magnesium, Hyperactivity and Autism in Children. Magnesium is a necessary nutrient to be used in these conditions.

Chapter 22. Magnesium in psychoses (schizophrenia, bipolar disorder). Several studies show that severe neurological syndromes can result when conditions cause extremely low levels of brain magnesium, such as with the chronic use of diuretics, which millions of people take to control high blood pressure. These neurological conditions can present as seizures, delirium, coma, or psychosis, which are quickly reversed by administering large doses of intravenous magnesium.

ReMag is the best absorbed magnesium and readily crosses the blood-brain-barrier.

Sign up for the Reboot Your Brain Summit now. The event opened on April 25 and airs through May 8. There will be a 48 hour “replay” period at the end of the summit. My interview goes live on May 7th.

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