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Superbug Outsmarts Stupid Antibiotics

May 31, 2016

Here’s a Washington Post headline with the intent to frighten the reader in order to sell newspapers: “The Superbug That Doctors Have Been Dreading Just Reached The U.S.”

The article was printed on May 26, 2016 announcing that researchers have found ONE person in the United States carrying a bacteria resistant to an antibiotic of last resort. They call it “an alarming development that the top U.S. public health official says could signal ‘the end of the road’ for antibiotics.”

Maybe the end of the road is what it will take for doctors to look for alternatives. This person with antibiotic resistance had a urinary tract E. coli infection. When I read this, bells started ringing because doctors are notorious for giving women repeat prescriptions for UTI’s that weaken the immune system and cause yeast overgrowth that can mimic UTI’s that get treated with more antibiotics. Cipro is one of the commonly used UTI antibiotics. And Cipro was recently cited by the FDA with very strong safety warnings.

On May 12, 2016 the FDA updated their black box warning on fluoroquinolones stating that their serious side effects outweigh the benefits for patients with sinusitis, bronchitis and uncomplicated urinary tract infections who have other treatment options. The FDA found that fluoroquinolones are associated with disabling and potentially permanent, serious side effects involving the tendons, muscles, joints, nerves and central nervous system.

I won’t strain your credulity with the next paragraph about how the FDA takes their responsibility to protect the health of the American public seriously, because if they did, they would pull this drug from the market for the countless lives it has damaged. Whatever happened to “First Do No Harm?”

Medicine is busy naming this resistant organism “the phantom menace” or “nightmare bacteria” and releasing fear-inducing headlines to the press – likely in an effort to receive more funding. And in a completely contradictory statement health officials are telling people not to panic because there are other antibiotics that may be used!! I’ve been hearing this for decades. Antibiotics aren’t working, let’s make stronger antibiotics! There is never a thought given to using alternatives! And there is never a thought given to the current epidemic of yeast overgrowth that stupid antibiotics cause by killing off good bacterial as well as the bad.

Ah, and there it is: Fight against superbugs gets dramatic funding boost under congressional budget plan. “At least $375 million in new funds has been allocated for the 2016 fiscal year to fight antibiotic-resistant bacteria, one of the biggest health threats facing the United States and the rest of the world.”

What do I recommend? Magnesium, Vitamin C, Prescript Assist probiotics for any infection; D-mannose for urinary tract infections; Sovereign Silver for lung, intestine and prostate infections; and the Total Body ReSet formulas for general immune support to avoid getting infections in the first place! I talk about the specifics in my Future Health Now Encyclopedia and my free ReMag and ReMyte eBooks. Above all, use my resources to stay healthy so you can avoid doctors and hospitals because it’s mostly in hospitals that patients acquire drug-resistant bacteria. Bottom Line! bugs don’t thrive in a healthy, happy body!

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