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Your Brain on Drugs

May 8, 2016

A recent email interaction with a customer gave me a lot to think about. I had just done my interview with Leah Lund for her Reboot Your Brain Summit and I blogged about it a few days ago. BTW, my Leah Lund interview goes live, today Sunday, May 8th and again on the replay days May 11-14.

My last blog was about Medical Errors in medicine and then I received an email from a mother of 4 in her early 40’s who is going through the nightmare of having magnesium deficiency symptoms – taking drugs for them – and now trying to withdraw from those drugs and still cope with raising her family.

I realized that MANY people who need to reboot their brains are probably dealing with medication side effects and don’t know where to turn. I’m sure the many experts on Leah’s Summit will offer many options. But I know that the FIRST thing you must do to save your brain is magnesium! And yes, natural medicine practitioners will pay lip service to the importance of magnesium, but until they know about and use ReMag, they won’t know what it’s like to be able to use enough magnesium to get the job done.

My mother of 4 found that after about 2 months on ReMag she was 75% relieved of her original symptoms and her complicated withdrawal symptoms, which included: tremors: inability to write without the shakes; only sleeping 2-3 hours a night; disassociation; heart palpitations, panic attacks. She was put on an Ativan detox program with another drug! Neurontin, which made her feel tired and zombie-like. She said that ReMag has stopped the zombie feeling and gotten rid of most of her symptoms. However, her original symptom was a tingling, crawling sensation on the back of her scalp and it was not completely gone. She did have low back pain and neck pain – now relieved by ReMag but she was very worried that she had some sort of nerve disease when several neurologists couldn’t tell her what was wrong with her head tingling. With all her other symptoms subsiding, she obsessed about her scalp tingling. But, it’s common that the first symptom to appear is the last symptom to leave!

Impatient and concerned, she developed a rampant case of viral googilitis and searched and searched until she found someone who told her that her symptoms were occipital neuralgia and that her cerebrospinal fluid was drying up at the top of her spine!!!

Of course that news set off more anxiety but the doctor said she could fly down to his office and he would treat her!! There’s much more to this story and I’ll go into it on my Radio Show tomorrow, Monday May 9th. But I told her that any nerve irritation is called neuralgia and the location is her occiput so the “diagnosis” is no revelation. Also to say someone’s CSF is drying up is highly unprofessional and just instills fear.

The 75% improvement mark is often the time when people doubt that magnesium is going to help all their symptoms and it’s the time when I have to be even more encouraging. I tell people to reread my book, listen to the radio show archives and remind themselves that they have likely been magnesium-deficient for decades and they have to give their body time to build up their magnesium stores. Also, I encourage that all the Total Body ReSet formulas be taken along with sea salt in drinking water to help with the next stage of healing.

Here’s another reason to reboot our brain – because it’s been brainwashed. People are so used to the advertised “promise” of drugs that they are going to make you “feel like a kid again” that they don’t even remember that most of the drugs they have taken did no such thing. But the slick ad words stick with them and when they take a nutrient, they expect the drug “promise.”

When magnesium deficiency causes neuritis, neuralgia and neuropathy, especially in the head and neck region – the pain and inflammation are so intense it leads people to take drugs – and lots of them. And much like my mother of 4, the drug side effects then become more prominent than the original problem.

The solution is to take ReMag, ReMyte, ReAline, RnA Drops and know that you are in control of your brain!! Join Reboot Your Brain Summit and listen to my interview today and catch up on all the interviews during the replay days May 11-14.

Carolyn Dean MD ND

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