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Cholesterol Drug Had No Effect on Heart Health

June 29, 2016

I  just want to title this whole blog LORD SUFFERIN’ CATS! You’ll see why in a minute!

A recent study on a new “breakthrough” cholesterol-lowering drug stunned researchers with its ineffectiveness. Before I get to that story, here is an unsolicited report from a customer about his experience with ReMag and ReMyte and his improved cholesterol blood tests.

“I am so excited that I have to let you know what’s going on. As I have been getting older my cholesterol level has been rising. My doctor wants to put me on statins but I have been educating myself and I decided that is something I wasn’t willing to do. Then I started having heart palpitations and found Dr. Dean’s website. I read her book, “The Miracle of Magnesium” and ordered ReMag and ReMyte.  Well, my heart palpitation’s stopped and my cholesterol levels dropped!  Before the minerals my cholesterol level on 8/29/15 was 359, on 10/31/15 it was 368 – steadily going up, then with the ReMag it dropped to 306 on 1/23/16. Then I got cheap and only used magnesium oil transdermally with Epsom salts and my level went up to 330 on 3/22/16. So, naturally I went back on ReMag and my level dropped again to 276, which is great! I can’t wait to give blood again to see what it will drop to then!”

In this anecdotal report, our excited writer’s cholesterol went down 92 points, which amounts to a 25% drop – and he’s not done yet because he’s only been on ReMag on and off for about 6 months. And his heart palpitations stopped, so he’s also supporting and strengthening his heart function.

When I googled statin benefits for this blog, I was surprised to see that most of the top hits focus on the problems with statins. Statin drugs may pound down your cholesterol but even die-hard statin-lovers are looking for alternatives as the statin side effects mount and the long-term health benefits are not so robust. Cholesterol-lowering drugs are big business with almost 28 percent of Americans ages 40 to 59 taking them regularly, so what is medicine doing about the failure of statins?

A NY Times article by Gina Kolata on April 3, 2016, titled “Dashing Hopes, Study Shows a Cholesterol Drug Had No Effect on Heart Health” outlined the demise of Evacetrapib, a drug that’s supposed to do what statins do – but without the side effects. They found out that even though cholesterol numbers dropped on paper and in the blood – the drug doesn’t save lives.

WHY? BECAUSE IT’S ONE OF THOSE FLUORIDE DRUGS THAT CAN ROB THE BODY OF MAGNESIUM!! Evacetrapib has an SIX FLUORIDE MOLECULES each with the potential of binding magnesium causing magnesium deficiency and creating an irreversible magnesium fluoride MgF2 compound called sellaite that crystallizes in tendons, bones and muscles causing pain and weakness! So, the magnesium deficiency side effects of Evacetrapib cause the people taking it to have more heart disease – not less!

Most statin drugs show the same magnesium deficiency effects because many of them are fluoride drugs – but none have SIX FLUORIDE MOLECULE. With all the PR and Marketing hopes placed on Evacetrapib, when it crashed it took the whole cholesterol myth down with it. That’s because cholesterol doesn’t cause heart disease and getting rid of it won’t help! And if you keep throwing fluoride at people, you are just going to make them sicker.

If you believe some reports that fluoride drugs don’t release fluoride in the body – look again. Those studies were done in a lab not in the intestines of humans where the trillions of intestinal organisms LOVE to break down drugs – which ends up releasing dangerous ions like fluoride!

Of course the investigators were “stunned” by the results not having a clue what’s really going on: 256 drug-takers had heart attacks, compared with 255 patients on placebo; 92 patients taking the drug had a stroke, compared with 95 in the placebo group. And 434 people taking the drug died from cardiovascular disease, (heart attack or stroke), compared with 444 participants who were taking a placebo.

Kolata quotes researchers and cardiologists saying:

“We had an agent that seemed to do all the right things.”

“It’s the most mind-boggling question. How can a drug that lowers something that is associated with benefit not show any benefit?”

“All of us would have put money on it. The drug was the great hope.”

Duh!! Let me repeat, we know why it didn’t work. It’s because cholesterol doesn’t cause heart disease and getting rid of it won’t help! And it’s also because Evacetrapib is a fluoride drug! Remember the fluoride drug Cipro that continues to harm so many people, it’s finally been given a black box warning – but it should have been taken off the market.

Another doctor says “These kinds of studies are wake-up calls.” BUT, Kolata reports next that cardiologists have not woken up at all, they are on to the next drug – never wanting to give up on their cholesterol-theory of heart disease. She says they still have high hopes for a whole new class of cholesterol drugs, known as PCSK-9 inhibitors that cause LDL to plummet to levels “never seen in drug treatments.” They don’t seem to realize that LDL cholesterol acts as an anti-inflammatory and the way to “treat it” is to lower the inflammation in your body with therapeutic amounts of magnesium!

But instead these new drugs will be touted to be the best thing since sliced bread with a price tag of over $1,000 a month, (>$14,000 a yr), which I’m sure most insurance companies are not going to cover. So, a person, who believes in the cholesterol-myth will be frightened by a doctor, who believes in the cholesterol myth, into mortgaging their home for these meds thinking it’s going to keep them alive.

To try to get to the bottom of the muscle aching and weakness side effects of statins a study came up with another baffling result that 25% of people on placebo complained of muscle pain when they did blind testing and cross over studies. Patients were given a statin drug or a placebo and were not told which it was. Then the drugs were switched and those on placebo still had muscle pain – probably because the statin drugs (especially the ones that contain fluoride) they took prior to the placebo cause magnesium deficiency! And muscle pain is a symptom of magnesium deficiency! Doctors just don’t know how to assess people who are statin-intolerant or who just have muscle pain for “no reason.” What do you think the reason would be that doctors are missing? MAGNESIUM DEFICIENCY!

Now, go back to the beginning of this blog and read the testimonial again and decide for yourself the best course of action – ReMag and ReMyte or cholesterol-lowering drugs.

Carolyn Dean MD ND

The Doctor of the Future®

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