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Women Against Cancer Summit

June 18, 2016

The Women Against Cancer Summit launches on June 20, 2016 and my talk is on June 21st, day 2 of the 9-day Summit. With the incredibly high rate of cancer, everyone is trying to find a solution. Allopathic Medicine is looking for a chemo and surgery solution and they don’t research on anything else. The Natural Medicine community is looking at everything else: diet, vitamins and minerals, environmental toxins, stress, immune system, preventive cancer testing – and you will hear all these views in the Summit.

I don’t claim to treat cancer and my philosophy is not to be Against Cancer as something you have to fight against, but to always remember that the body is a Genius system and if it’s producing abnormal cells, there must be a reason. In my talk I explore Total Biology – the conflict basis of disease where “Disease is the brain’s best solution to keep the person alive as long as possible.” If someone asks, I recommend the book Cancer Is Not A Disease – It’s A Survival Mechanism by Andreas Moritz.

I might have also talked about the need for minerals as the basic building blocks for making healthy cells. I could have brought up some ongoing research about magnesium and cancer. For example, research has shown that even the pain of cancer can respond to magnesium. Also, many years ago, in 1993, Dr. Mildred Seelig wrote an extensive paper on cancer and its interaction with minerals and vitamins with a focus on magnesium. The paper called “Magnesium In Oncogenesis And In Anti-Cancer Treatment” should have alerted the cancer establishment to do further research.

J. I. Rodale wrote a chapter on cancer and magnesium in his 1963 publication called Magnesium: The Nutrient That Could Change Your Life with evidence from doctors in France of its importance. French physician, Dr. Delbet felt that magnesium acts as a “brake” to cancer cell replication. He also observed that as the body grows older it grows more deficient in magnesium, and with this loss in magnesium there is a decrease in vitality, resistance, and cell regeneration. The latest reports on the association of cancer and magnesium are particularly interesting and I cite them in my upcoming 2017 edition of The Magnesium Miracle.

The most recent magnesium and cancer study In the American Journal of Cancer Research has this rather morbid title, “Death After Breast Cancer Twice As Likely Without Magnesium.” Here is their conclusion about magnesium: “We found that magnesium intake alone may improve overall survival following breast cancer. I don’t believe it’s a “cure” for cancer but as Dr. Delbet says, it can be protective and just adds to the growing list of the miracles of magnesium.

Please join the Women Against Cancer Summit but I urge you to not become discouraged and fearful that everything is conspiring to make you sick. If you read the message in Andreas Moritz’s book that Cancer Is Not A Disease – It’s A Survival Mechanism, it can help you sort out the conflict in your life that is making your body react with symptoms of illness. On the physical level, look at all the Total Body ReSet formulas as a way of balancing your health and your life.

Carolyn Dean MD ND

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SUMMITS: 1. The Ageless Summit is a rapid-fire, five-day summit with 4 speakers per day from June 20-June 24, 2016. My talk is on June 22nd. 2. Women Against Cancer Summit launches on June 20, 2016 with Rebekah Lumley. My talk is on day two of the Summit, June 21st.

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