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Desalinated Water Without Magnesium Is Dangerous!

July 7, 2016

That desalinated water without added magnesium is dangerous is set to shock water-safety experts world wide. I’ve met Dr. Michael Shechter several times in the world of magnesium research. I’ve mentioned him in my Magnesium Miracle book – especially citing his studies proving that magnesium deficiency causes heart disease and magnesium supplementation treats it.

Today (July 6, 2016), Michael emailed a magnesium experts’ list of 12 people with a stunning announcement about his most recent scientific paper. He said that his “provocative manuscript” “Desalinated seawater supply and all-cause mortality in hospitalized acute myocardial infarction patients from the Acute Coronary Syndrome Israeli Survey 2002–2013” was published online today having been submitted only 2 weeks before. Michael said he had never seen such a quick publication. And that’s because it contains life-threatening and live-saving findings.

He described that in this study “…we investigated patients with acute myocardial infarction in Israel…dividing the patients into 2 areas: those who live in areas with desalinated seawater (almost no magnesium) and those who live in areas with regular tap water (normal magnesium levels).”

The results were shocking. “We found an amazing increased 1-year mortality rate in patients who live in desalinated water area compared to normal water, which was also reflected in their serum magnesium levels.”

I think the results have terrified the public enough that there is a media frenzy happening in Israel. Michael said that “Following our preliminary announcement all media in Israel was very busy reporting the results in on-air discussions and for 2 consecutive days I’ve been interviewed on prime time news in the Israel national TV. The result is that our Prime Minister Mr. Netanyahu decided to add magnesium to the desalinated water!!!”

I heartily congratulated Dr. Shechter and told him “I know you put your heart into this study because the government wouldn’t accept your request to put magnesium in the DSW a few years ago. Now you have thoroughly proven them wrong! And already they have changed their minds and are adding magnesium to the DSW! I will blog about what you have proven here and it can extend to the dangers of all low magnesium water, which Paul Mason at Mg Water has been trying to educate people about for decades. Bravo!

Hopefully the rest of the world will look at this study, which you can read online, and identify the contributing factor of low levels of magnesium in our food and water to our overwhelming epidemic of heart disease. Think of the water you are now drinking – is it filtered extensively, or distilled or subjected to reverse osmosis, which remove the good minerals along with the bad? It’s through our water that we are supposed to receive magnesium and all our minerals but we no longer have this luxury. This study by Dr. Shechter proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that drinking water without magnesium causes heart attacks!

And, since you aren’t going to find much magnesium in your food or water, please take therapeutic magnesium in the form of ReMag to build up your stores. Of course, it’s not just about magnesium – as I’ve learned over the past several decades we also need good multiple minerals, such as ReMyte, a daily gentle detox – ReAline and the enigmatic RnA Drops. This synergistic combination of quality products covers most of what you require to stay healthy and happy.

Carolyn Dean MD ND

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