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Total Body Meltdown

July 8, 2016

Total Body Meltdown: Where Nothing Works and Everything Hurts is the title of a new book I’m writing. It describes the current state of health of many of my customers in a health care system that is more about the system than about the care. The system that you are shunted into when you are suffering Total Body Meltdown separates you into your body parts treating each part individually with the “appropriate” drug or surgery.

It’s no wonder you are turning to self-help books, Internet health information and online doctors but you usually find the same specialist approach. A book agent I interviewed in New York in the mid 1990’s told me I had to become a specialist in one health topic to attract an audience. That’s the way the publishing industry still works but that’s not the way the body works.

In 1988, in a paper about yeast overgrowth, I wrote about the downward spiral of health. Childhood vaccinations and antibiotics lead to allergies and yeast overgrowth; the BCP causes more yeast overgrowth; the immune system weakens allowing more infections and more drugs are prescribed. I actually witnessed the development of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and see it as part of yeast overgrowth and magnesium deficiency. Along with CFS came adrenal fatigue and hypothyroidism. Each condition and symptom added onto the next. And no one grasps the larger picture. In Total Body Meltdown I list the common symptoms of a dozen different health conditions, which confirms to me they have similar origins. They include: hypoglycemia, allergies, CFS, fibromyalgia, hypothyroid, adrenal fatigue, early menopause, Candida, leaky gut, IBS, estrogen dominance, ADHD.

I’m convinced the similar origins of these, and many more conditions, are mineral deficiencies and yeast overgrowth. Instead of a cupboard full of drugs or supplements, my Total Body Approach to Total Body Meltdown focuses on the 4 Total Body ReSet formulas designed to both heal and prevent health problems by 1. Supplying minerals that work, 2. Gently detoxing the body, and 3. Making perfect cells.

ReMag is a unique 60,000ppm concentrate of stabilized magnesium ions where 1 tsp equals 300mg. It works synergistically with ReMyte. Instead of purchasing a dozen different bottles of minerals, ReMyte is a multiple mineral where 9 of the 12 ingredients help heal the thyroid and the adrenals – and dozens of other body systems. ReAline is an important precursor to glutathione and has methylated B’s including B12 to support the nervous system and liver detoxification. RnA Drops are the catalyst for the Total Body ReSet formulas providing the impetus for RNA to make perfect copies of DNA for new cell development using the ionized minerals in ReMag and ReMyte.

We are adding a Meal Replacement formula called ReStructure to our ReSet Formulas in a few weeks. It will be the perfect addition to your yeast-free diet, which is the next step in a Total Body Approach to Meltdown. You can find the yeast detox program on my radio show archive. It begins with diet; the probiotic Prescript Assist and antifungal foods like garlic.

As you are beginning to see, we put the care back in Health Care. My Total Body Approach to Meltdown is meant to relieve you of the stress of believing you have a dozen different health conditions, or that your genes are malfunctioning, or that you need dozens of drugs and supplements. We offer you a simple, workable treatment protocol that has been successful in thousands of patients and customers. As we say on the Dr. Dean Live Radio Show – The Worst if Over! We also say to “Partner up and do your own research” and we provide you with all the research material you will ever need! You can download two free eBooks on ReMag and ReMyte at RnAReSet and be sure to listen to my radio show every Monday at 4pm PST on Achieve Radio.

Carolyn Dean MD ND

The Doctor of the Future®

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