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You Can’t Fix Stupid!

August 6, 2016

I received this blog title and the following article from a customer who is a practicing minister. You can direct any comments about politically incorrect language his way. I totally agree with his sentiments – sometimes you just have to tell it like it is. The title refers to an article about an All-Star pitcher in Major League Baseball who was prescribed potato chips for his arm cramps!

I kid you not, the latest nonsense from a team physician for the Chicago Cubs is to treat Jason Hammel’s arm cramps with a Potato Chip Diet. Why? Supposedly because they contain lots of potassium! Not only did the allopathetic doctor not factor in the high sodium content of potato chips, he neglected to acknowledge the role that magnesium deficiency plays in muscle cramps. Then there’s the 10 grams of fried fat in one ounce of chips! Wash them down with team-sponsored athletic electrolyte drinks containing 35 grams (9 tsp) of sugar per half liter – and you can develop diabetes!

In the next edition of The Magnesium Miracle I write, “Magnesium deficiency may also play a role in sudden cardiac death syndrome, which can affect athletes. In a study of young, healthy, well-conditioned men, strenuous exercise was reported to give rise to persistent magnesium deficiency and a related long-term increase in cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood sugar. This study postulates that the sudden death of athletes and other intensely training individuals during extreme exertion is triggered by the detrimental effects of persistent magnesium deficiency on the cardiovascular system.”

I have reached out occasionally to athletes to try and educate them about how much magnesium they are burning and their need for replacement. Based on their experience I also wrote, “What could be worse for a 6’, 300 pound college or pro football player than to suffer frightening atrial fibrillation and humiliating panic attacks and have to give up his 10 million dollar contract, when all he had to do was drink sea salted-water along with magnesium and multiple minerals?”

High school athletes are also victims of magnesium deficiency. Many of my clients and customers developed their symptoms in their teens and only recognized their magnesium deficiency decades later.

June 10, 2014, I wrote a very detailed article called “LeBron James Has Magnesium Deficiency” a few days after he was pulled from the 1st game of the NBA finals due to muscle cramps. I wrote about magnesium deficiency and heart disease in “Magnesium, Endurance, Athletes & Atrial Fibrillation”. I discuss athletics and magnesium in the following youtubes: Energy, Athlete Performance and Magnesium and Magnesium: Athlete Performance Enhancer.

Recently an NFL football player approached me about magnesium for his heart palpitations and anxiety. He was very excited after our conversation but then he never followed up, likely because his doctors would demand that he take drugs and not listen to a quack like Dr. Dean.

It’s very sad that so few people learn about magnesium and even fewer find out about the miraculous benefits of ReMag – the most concentrated and therapeutic magnesium available.

Carolyn Dean MD ND

The Doctor of the Future®

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