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Confused About Supplements?

September 10, 2016

Wendy Myers is joined by co-host, Ian Clarke to bring you the Medicinal Supplement Summit. For 8 days jam-packed days, from Sept 12-19, 2016, the Summit features 35 experts using supplements for health. They include Mike Adams, Andrew Saul, Anne Louise Gittleman, Ben Greenfield – all experts in health and wellness, who I have featured in my blogs. My talk is on Sept 13.

This Summit asks if you are “ Confused about supplements?” I think there is a good chance you are because there are about 50,000 supplements to choose from in this $40 Billion market driven by frenzied marketing hype that keeps you buying more – even though you may not notice any benefits. People approach me all the time saying they have been on dozens of supplements and are still not feeling well.

But fortunately, there are some nutrients that do work. Here is a common experience with our customers:

“I didn’t see any major health issues in myself before starting the Total Body ReSet formulas. I just wanted to continue my “health journey” and learn new ways to stay healthy. I have lost 23 kg in 1.5 years, after changing my diet by eliminating sugar, gluten, and dairy, and adding healthy fats (coconut oil/ avocados), and vegetables. Before starting ReMag, my periods had stopped for at least 6 months and after using it, they came back again! I am 48. So my hormone balance was clearly a mess. I’ve been only sleeping for 4-5 hours the last 10 years. Now it’s been up to 7 hours. My blood pressure has been pretty high, but after losing the weight, and taking the formulas, it has been much better. Recently, I guess I did my own experiment; I ran out of the ReSet products and didn’t get them for a while. I am so feeling the difference without them, and not in a good way. My life is pretty stressful and very challenging at this point. So, without the products my mood is up and down now, my heart is racing, my legs are cramping, and in general my energy seems very low. I’ve been doing Epsom salt foot baths now, and it helps some, but there’s nothing like ReMag!”

Many naturopaths and nutritionists have become Green Allopaths where they match a supplement to a symptom much like allopathic doctors match up a drug to a disease. One client of mine was on 300-500 supplement pills a day from her nutritionist. Each visit turned up a new list of symptoms and a corresponding list of supplements. Unfortunately, supplements provide practitioners with a lucrative income stream, which can influence their prescribing practices.

My rule is, if you don’t see an improvement in your health within 3 months on a supplement then stop taking it – or find out why it may not be working. Most people are buying the hype, not buying an effective product. You’re also succumbing to fear-based marketing messages that make you think you will be less healthy if you don’t take every supplement you read about. It’s called “creating the disease and offering the cure.”

A blog reader told me she has been taking high doses of ascorbic acid since she heard a doctor talk about its benefits on a Summit but she couldn’t say whether she felt any better. Some entrepreneurs say that magnesium spray is the only way to get good magnesium absorption. Of course, this is not the case if you use ReMag. Some doctors, and lay writers, alike, promote high dose iodine without acknowledging that the thyroid need 9 minerals to help make thyroid hormones, not just iodine. Other supplement experts sell hundreds of different supplements on their websites and expect customers to wade through all the promotional material and make an informed decision.

The Summit also suggests that by taking supplements “You might be doing more harm than good!” Yes, there is a greater risk of harm, but there are essentially no deaths due to supplements compared with over 1 Million due to iatrogenic medicine. (See my book, Death by Modern Medicine.) The harm comes from companies using very cheap ingredients that are not properly tested or vetted by a system designed to protect the consumer. The supplement industry has become so lucrative that anyone with a website can throw together a supplement, make claims, and sell to an unsuspecting public.

To protect yourself from harmful products, my rule of thumb is to ask the manufacturer for a Certificate of Analysis for their products. If they won’t or can’t supply it, that should be your first clue. In making our minerals, at several steps in production, samples are sent to two independent labs to make sure the product is not contaminated with heavy metals or bacteria and that the mineral content on the label matches the amount in the bottle. When a shipment comes into our warehouse, we send out samples of the product and make sure that the CoA coming with the shipment matches our lab’s findings.

Another rule I have is to keep supplements down to a handful that work. In the past few years I’ve switched from just writing health advice to providing supplements that cover chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue, hormone imbalance, heavy metal toxicity, and yeast overgrowth that most people seem to suffer. So, instead of giving people a dozen different supplements for each condition, I have six that work synergistically for everything.

When I was in medical school over 40 years ago, there wasn’t even a health food store in my town. My health foods were brewer’s yeast, flaxseed, and liver! I read all the health books that were available – because there weren’t that many! Now we have intricate genetic tests and energy testing machines scaring us with the top 100 things that are wrong with us! We have people jumping into the fray claiming they are health experts with a cure for what ails you. All I say is, be very aware that you could be buying the hype and not buying an effective nutrient. And if you don’t notice a difference in your health with a product with 3 months, stop taking it or find out why it’s not working.

Join the Medicinal Supplement Summit today and listen very closely to the experts and decide for yourself what’s best for your health. But always remember to keep it simple and keep it commonsense.

Carolyn Dean MD ND

The Doctor of the Future®

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