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Free and Fearless Mind Summit

October 23, 2016

I think I’ve been invited to at least 10 summits this fall and this is the latest one. Neuro Nutrition Therapist & Health Coach, Leah Lund’s Free and Fearless Mind: Change your Brain. Shift your Mind. Step into your Power, Joy & Purpose launches Oct 31st.

The title of my talk is called “Minerals for the Mind.” I thought we would focus on the importance of magnesium for alertness, flexibility, and mood balance but Leah asked me about the evolutionary purpose of fear and anxiety.

I immediately thought of Total Biology – the conflict basis of disease. In Total Biology we say that anxiety is a normal fact of the biological brain to keep us alert in order to stay alive. If a predator comes toward us, then we have to be on guard. But if anxiety reaches an uncomfortable level, it’s important to look at your chronological health history to find out why you keep getting triggered. For example, anxiety issues can be related to feeling attacked by authority, which makes you relive past authority situations each time there is a new conflict. Abandonment early in life can make one vulnerable to having major reactions to even so-called minor instance of abandonment – such as someone missing an appointment or a date.

I bring magnesium into the picture, not because it can change history but because it can make a person more resilient to stress and help you cope.

Magnesium-Deficient Anxiety: How To Live Anxiety-Free With Magnesium is the title of my latest booklet in which I present 15 case histories of people who were able to overcome their fear and anxiety. In the book I quote my Magnesium Miracle book:

In Chapter Three “Anxiety, Depression, Sleep”, I open with the following question:

“How do we graduate from being a calm person in control of our nervous system to an anxious, fearful individual? I think it’s due to a gradual, but chronic, decrease in magnesium reserves. When the body is stressed – and it can be for a dozen different reasons – our magnesium reserves dump this crucial mineral into our blood stream, and we immediately become one of those people blessed with the ability to cope. We feel both calm and alert. Our friends and relatives think it’s just who we are, but it’s really how much magnesium we have in reserve.

If the stress continues and we don’t rest or replace our magnesium between episodes, our magnesium stores become depleted. Then, when you are faced with a stressor, the stress hormo       nes (adrenalin and cortisol) are unable to elicit a magnesium response with its calming effect. In its place, adrenalin revs up your heart rate, elevates your blood pressure, and tenses your muscles in a fight or flight reaction.”

The most important fact in magnesium therapy for anxiety is realizing you need a form of magnesium that is non-laxative, so you can take enough to make a difference in your health. That form of magnesium is ReMag: a picometer, stabilized ionic magnesium at the highest concentration available, 60,000ppm. I created ReMag out of my own need for a non-laxative form of magnesium.

When you join Free and Fearless Mind you will have free access to many other health experts who will give their solutions to a fearless mind. On my speaker page you will be able to access several free gifts, including my Magnesium Deficient-Anxiety book.

Carolyn Dean MD ND

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