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Modern Medicine Fails Doctors

October 26, 2016

I never really considered the meaning of the word “poignant” until I read Dr. Paul Kalanithi’s book, When Breath Becomes Air. The definition of poignant is “evoking a keen sense of sadness.” A brilliant neurosurgical resident, Dr. Kalanithi died at age 37 from stage IV lung cancer.

Part of my sadness was reading how overworked and ill-prepared doctors are in modern medical settings. Kalanithi’s hours amounted to 100 per week, although the cut off was supposed to be 88 hours to prevent burnout!! He talked about the grief he felt when his patients died. Kalanithi declared that his favorite hospital meal was an ice cream sandwich and Diet Coke! Without the benefit of Total Biology knowledge, nutrition, or therapeutic minerals, interns, residents, and practicing physicians are stumbling in the dark.

Dr. Kalanithi came close to a Total Biology concept when he described the disaster that befalls a patient when they are given the news that they have a brain tumor. He says, “Sometimes the news so shocks the mind that the brain suffers an electrical short. This phenomenon is known as a ‘psychogenic’ syndrome, a severe version of the swoon some experience after hearing bad news.” This psychogenic shock can even be seen on brain CT scans, according to Total Biology and German New Medicine. Dr. Kalanithi’s own lung cancer, according to Total Biology is caused by fear of dying – and not necessarily his own, but the fear of his patients dying.

I’m also saddened because I see no solution in sight for modern medicine. Medicine will not change. It’s you, the reader, who must change what you do for yourself and for your family. You cannot wait for medicine to get a conscience and speak out against the emphasis on drugs and offer you safe solutions.

If you are a regular blog reader, you know my solution – The Total Body ReSet formulas. I’ve been working toward them for decades and I make no apologies if you think I’m “just trying to sell you something.” What I am doing is throwing you a lifeline.

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