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Sorry Folks, Food Is Not Medicine!

October 19, 2016

As I pointed out in my recent blog Sea Salt Superfood, our drinking water is devoid of minerals; that’s why I recommend sea salt or Himalayan salt to fill that gap. Also, our farm produce grows on mineral-deficient soil and that void is filled with ReMag and ReMyte.

It seems that I’m always going against the prevailing tide; the more I expose the emptiness of food, the more I hear practitioners promoting “food as medicine”. I’ve talked to many clients and customers who embrace raw foods, green smoothies, vegan diets for cancer, and paleo diets who have obvious magnesium deficiency symptoms – migraines, leg cramps, and heart palpitations. Yet they’ve been told that a particular diet will take care of all their problems.

Maybe food was medicine at one time. I know that 100 years ago you could get 500 mg of magnesium daily in a good diet. This was before the soil became so depleted. But that ship has passed, yet most practitioners seem unaware of this fact. Today you’re lucky to get 200 mg of magnesium – that’s why there is so much illness. Telling people they can get all their magnesium from a green and raw diet is just not true.
Even though they use “food is medicine” as a marketing strategy, I see many health practitioners and nutritionists selling lots of supplements. So they don’t actually believe that food is enough, even though followers of these diets are given the mistaken impression that they can cure all their ills with diet. One nutritionist had prescribed and sold a client of mine supplements amounting to 300-500 pills per day! And when you look at most practitioner’s supplement offerings you still see calcium/magnesium ratio’s of 2:1 and calcium emphasized more than magnesium.

None of what I’m saying about food is new and, by now, should be common knowledge to all practitioners. In The Magnesium Miracle, I refer to a statement that was read into the record of the 1936, 74th Congress (Senate document no. 264). It begins, “Do you know that most of us today are suffering from certain dangerous diet deficiencies which cannot be remedied until depleted soils from which our food comes are brought into proper mineral balance?” It’s clear to me that since 1934, the mineral depletion of our agricultural soil has never been corrected and has only gotten worse.

Grass Tetany, a 1963 book that you can read online, describes how animals suffer magnesium deficiency spasms from eating magnesium-deficient grass! The author, a farmer, André Voisin, makes it very clear that the lack of minerals in commonly used fertilizers can never replace the minerals depleted by common farming methods.

Here is what I write in The Magnesium Miracle, “When animals eat magnesium-deficient grass they develop irritability, staggering, tremors, and spasms (grass tetany). Most dramatically, the animals fall down in convulsions when they hear sudden loud noises or if they are frightened or excited. Voisin reported that in the 1930s, magnesium deficiency was the cause of grass tetany, since low levels of magnesium were found in suffering animals and the condition was miraculously reversed by injections of magnesium…As a farmer, Voisin observed that ‘intensive grazing’ and the overuse of mineral-deficient commercial fertilizers were common practices. In the book, Voisin identified Holland as the country that used the most commercial fertilizer on its pastures and also suffered the most grass tetany.”

How many people can identify with the “irritability, staggering, tremors, and spasms” experienced by these magnesium-deficient animals. Humans also can react strongly to “sudden loud noises or if they are frightened or excited.”

I’m not suggesting that you should abandon a good diet. However, the most important thing about a good diet these days is to avoid junk food. And, if you can, pay more attention to where you get your food. For example, I’m helping support my local farmer. He’s also experimenting with the spent barley sprouts, which are left over from our RnA Drops production. Within a few short weeks he noted a 20% increase in crops, even though he’s already doing organic, biodynamic farming, and applying rock dust.

Rather than dozens of supplements, I recommend my ReAline (gentle detox and methylated B vitamins), ReMag (magnesium), ReMyte (multiple mineral), ReStructure (protein powder/meal replacement).

Carolyn Dean MD ND

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