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Healthy Mom Summit

November 6, 2016

I don’t think we have any concept of how important a healthy mom is to society. If a mother isn’t healthy and happy, how can she pass on that health and happiness to her children? Hannah Hepworth, women’s wellness coach, real food enthusiast, and mother of 4, wants all mothers to have the information and tools to create the life they want.

The Healthy Mom Summit launches, tomorrow on Nov 7, 2016 and runs until Nov 16, with Encore days from Nov 17-19. My talk is on Nov 11, and, because Hannah knows how busy Moms are, she is giving you free access to all the interviews through Nov 19th, not just on the day of the interview.

Here is an edited excerpt of some specific recommendations for Moms from my Future Health Now Encyclopedia:

“After pregnancy, women may suffer from nutritional depletion and postpartum depression (PPD) as a consequence of the intense stress of labor and delivery. Severe hormonal shifts naturally occur, but if you also have thyroid deficiency, which is commonly induced by pregnancy, they can manifest as mood swings. Thyroid deficiency can be treated with ReMyte; 9 of the 12 minerals in ReMyte support the thyroid. Zinc is low in PPD, but it is found in ReMyte; the B vitamins are important in PPD, and are found in ReAline; ReMag (magnesium) is crucial for pregnancy and post partum. There is a homeopathic remedy for postpartum depression called Ignatia that is extremely useful. You can use a 6X or 12X potency; the normal dosage is once three times a day. It is important to continue these supplements while breast-feeding.”

During the interview I gave some very basic advice about water intake, sea salt, and minerals. I will also add that a good diet is important, but any new mother will tell you that it’s almost impossible to find the time to cook healthy meals, so junk food becomes a staple. Healthy, well-absorbed ReStructure protein powder fills that gap.

Rather than just giving your tips and strategies, which I will leave to the other guests on the summit, here are the exact directions on taking the Total Body ReSet formulas for busy Moms.

1. While waiting for your ReSet formulas to arrive, begin hydrating your body by increasing your water intake and adding sea salt or Himalayan salt.

Water Intake Guidelines: Drink 1/2 your body weight (in pounds) in ounces of water. If you weigh 150 lbs, you will drink 75 ounces.

Sea salt or Himalayan salt: Add ¼ – ½ tsp to every quart of drinking water – to one of those bottles you will later add ReMag and ReMyte.

2. When the products arrive, begin ReAline capsules to assist in detoxing/taking out the trash. Dosage: 1 per day with or without meals for 1 week then take 1 capsule twice per day.

3. You can also start to take ReStructure as soon as it arrives. Simply shake one scoop of ReStructure in the liquid of your choice and drink to your health.

4. After 4 days of ReAline, add ReMag – Start with ¼ tsp per day in a quart of water and sip through the day. Every 2 days add another ¼ tsp. Work up to a therapeutic dose of 2-3 tsp a day if you are trying to overcome a health condition, if you are on medications or otherwise have magnesium deficiency symptoms.

5. After a week of slowly building up ReMag, slowly add ReMyte into the same quart of water and sip through the day. Every 2 days add another ¼ tsp. Work up to 1 ½ -2 tsp. The ReMag and ReMyte bottles each contain 8 ounces = 48 tsp.

Carolyn Dean MD ND

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1. Hot Help Summit with Dr. Jeanine Staples launches Oct 24, 2016, which is the date of my talk. The Summit runs until the Encore days, which are Nov 5-7.

2. Free and Fearless Mind: Change your Brain. Shift your Mind. Step into your Power, Joy & Purpose with Neuro Nutrition Therapist & Health Coach, Leah Lund launches Oct 31st and my talk airs Nov 13th.

3. Gut Health Turn Around Summit with Leah Kline launches Nov 1, 2016 and runs until Nov 21st. My talk is on Nov 3rd.

4. Better Beyond 50 Summit with Melissa Koerner runs from Nov 6 to Nov 15, 2016, Encore day is Nov 17. My talk airs Nov 11th.

5. The Healthy Mom Summit with Hannah Hepworth launches Nov 7, 2016 and runs until Nov 16, with Encore days from Nov 17-19. My talk is on Nov 11 but will be freely available through Nov 19th.

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