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America’s Other Drug Problem

December 21, 2016

“’America’s Other Drug Problem’: Copious Prescriptions for Hospitalized Elderly” is the title of an Aug 30, 2016 Medscape article. You get the gist from the title and it’s a problem that I’ve been writing about for years. As I’ve said many times, when I was in medical school, we were given a healthy respect for powerful medications and told to use them for as short a time as possible. Nowadays most doctors believe in polypharmacy and expect patients to take a handful of drugs for life, many of them as “preventive” measures.

One patient mentioned in the Medscape article was on 36 medications at the time she was admitted to hospital. A doctor commented that “This is actually a little bit alarming.” A LITTLE BIT ALARMING? Lord Sufferin’ Cats!

During my internship, when I did my Geriatrics rotation in a seniors’ nursing home, I spent the long quiet evenings creating a hand-written database (in ancient times before computers) on all the patients and all the drugs they were taking. When I shared the data with the nurses and attending doctors, they were shocked at the number of pills their patients were taking; the contraindications of many of the drugs; and the standing order for drugs that sometimes went on for years. The same thing is happening now; nobody is keeping track as patients see multiple specialists all of whom prescribe drugs without properly cross indexing existing medications.

Polypharmacy has become the norm for conditions like coronary heart disease. Here’s a very common story I hear from clients and customers that I call the Blood Pressure Spiral. Jack is 60, and he goes to his doctor for his annual checkup, who finds that his blood pressure is a little high (probably from stress and low magnesium levels). He is immediately put on a diuretic drug. When he comes back in a month, his pressure is higher. The doctor doesn’t know why, but it’s because Jack’s magnesium is driven even lower by the diuretic. His doctor just thinks he’s caught Jack’s blood pressure early and has to be more aggressive. The doctor puts Jack on two more antihypertensive drugs. A few months later, seemingly out of the blue, but because of lower levels of magnesium, his cholesterol levels are elevated and his blood sugar. The doctor, therefore, puts Jack on a statin drug and a diabetes drug. Both conditions are caused by magnesium deficiency. The fact that doctors think that heart disease is inevitably fatal is because they hasten the process with magnesium-depleting medication.

I don’t like giving bad news without offering a solution and the solution in this case is the Total Body ReSet formulas. Many customers who have great success on the formulas want to give them to their parents. On my Dec 20, 2016 radio show I talked about a long time customer and his RnA ReSet family! His parents are elderly, and his Dad is bedridden with a feeding tube. They are very grateful that they can give his Dad, ReMag, ReMyte and ReCalcia mineral liquid through his feeding tube without having to crush pills or open capsules. He is particularly impressed with ReStructure packets to help his Dad keep his muscle tone and prevent bedsores. He says when he works away from home, his Mom just has to open the packet and mix it with his feeding tube food. This is convenient, time-saving, and effective.

A lot of elderly people are on a so-called nutritional drink called Ensure. Here is an overview of the basic Ensure formula. Ensure is lacking in fat, so it’s not a balanced meal replacement. It provides 180 calories, 9 grams of protein, and 18 grams (4.5 tsp) of sugars per serving. ReStructure is a high protein powder balanced meal replacement. Protein is the main ingredient but carbs and fats are also part of the formula for the appropriate macronutrient balance. ReStructure contains a  “secret ingredient” the concentrated, dehydrated RnA Drops that makes ReStructure the most unique meal replacement you will ever find. Mix with water, coconut milk, almond milk, or your favorite juice for a delicious healthy beverage charged with the power of RnA Drops!

Read my book Death by Modern Medicine for more insight into the collapse of our health care system. But if you want to stay healthy, go to my RnA ReSet website and read my free eBooks and start on the Total Body ReSet formulas.

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