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ReCalcia is in the House!

December 5, 2016

I’m taking a moment from my endless editing of The Magnesium Miracle (2017) to announce the long-awaited arrival of ReCalcia. I’d also like to explain to people who may be “shocked” that I’m selling a calcium product after I’ve been so adamantly against calcium supplements for so long. Below is an excerpt from the updated Invisible Minerals Part II, which is now about ReMyte and ReCalcia. It will be available within a few days at RnA ReSet. Just look for ReCalcia on the cover along with ReMyte.

My railing against calcium is mostly because calcium supplements are only about 4 percent absorbed, and many foods are fortified with calcium, and people swallow calcium carbonate antiacids like candy, all of which has led to an epidemic of tissue calcification in our society. I don’t deny that calcium is vital, so much so that I’ve been creating a form of calcium that is so well absorbed that you don’t have to take large amounts to give your body what it needs. That calcium is in a liquid formula called ReCalcia.

Instead of using inappropriate supplements, and until I created ReCalcia, I used to recommend that people get their calcium from their diet, either dairy products, bone broth, deep green leafy vegetables, nuts, and seeds. However, it’s become obvious to me that many people, including myself, don’t eat dairy (or don’t eat enough dairy) and don’t have time to cook bone broth, or we find bone broth too expensive, therefore, we miss out on taking proper amounts of calcium.

I created ReCalcia for myself and for anyone else who finds themselves not getting my recommendation of 600mg of calcium per day in their diet. What is extremely important and unique about ReCalcia is its picometer, stabilized ionic form. This makes ReCalcia 100% absorbed at the cellular level. It will not suffer the same fate as other calcium supplements and cause constipation or build up in your tissues slowly calcifying your vital body organs, including your arteries.

ReCalcia, being fully absorbed at the cellular level, taken along with equal amounts of ReMag, creates the perfect synergistic balance of those two minerals to enhance body function. I’m having good results with the ReCalcia I’ve been testing on myself for the past several months. As you incorporate ReCalcia into your Total Body ReSet formula protocol, please keep track of how you feel and report your findings.

Your dosage of ReCalcia depends on the amount of calcium in your diet. If you don’t eat dairy or drink bone broth you can take 2 tsp a day, which equals 600mg. If you get some dairy, then just take 1 tsp a day. You can mix it with your ReMag and ReMyte in sea salted water.

Carolyn Dean MD ND

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