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When Saying Thanks Is Not Enough!

December 29, 2016

Ginney, her awesome team, and I have had a fabulous 2016 and it’s all due to our readers and customers. I realize just saying Thank You is not enough, so, I’ll make you a promise that we will continue providing the best products, the best Customer Service, and the best information that will continue to allow you to be in the best of physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Never in the (almost) 50 years that I’ve been interested in natural medicine have I seen the proof positive results of providing people with the mineral building blocks, gentle detox, and perfect cell creation of the Total Body ReSet formulas.

In 2017 we will ride that wave of success with the creation of Total Body ReSet, which will encourage people to go beyond ReMag and reach new heights of health with all of our products. The Start Here button will take the guesswork out of my protocols. Our Total Body ReSet launch will be associated with the marriage of my www.DrCarolynDean.com website and our www.RnAReSet.com website with easier access to our educational materials.

Our tens of thousands of customers, blog readers, and Facebook friends know that we are committed to doing Our Best to provide cost-effective solutions and products. But it wasn’t always that way. I did my medical training in Canada where doctors were discouraged from “selling” products; it was called a conflict of interest. In fact, the first attack on me by my medical licensing body was because a sugar lobby group complained that I was saying bad things about sugar and trying to sell a book on national TV. Of course I was saying factual things about sugar and I was doing research to write a sugar book, which I never published. I’ve had numerous opportunities over the years to be a spokesperson for supplement companies or to start my own line but that attack probably played its part in dissuading me.

However, I’ve always been a “direct-action” person. In first year medical school, when an instructor in the first week peppered his slide show with nude female pictures, I immediately had nude male slides made up from the newly published Playgirl Magazine. Two days later I inserted those slides into the instructor’s carousel before his second talk. The ensuing pandemonium led to Dalhousie Medical School purging every slide, picture, and sexist remark from our curriculum.

I’ve taken similar direct action with my product line. I couldn’t find the products I wanted or that I wanted to recommend; I couldn’t entice a supplement company to make them, so I made them myself. The fact that my handful of products have been so overwhelmingly effective is a constant amazement to me and I pledge to continue providing these products along with awesome Customer Service.

A few years ago, I began sending the following email out to the many people who emailed me: “I apologize for this automatic response, however I can’t respond personally to all the people who write me. I have a staff of zero but I am working on cloning myself and when that process is complete I will then be able to answer the 100’s of emails I get every day. Of course, I included a long list of educational resources in the email. But it wasn’t long after taking control of my product line from the hands of a corrupt distributor (May 2014) that I was finally able to clone myself and divert considerable resources into Customer Service to provide you with the support you desire to fulfill your pledge to take responsibility for your own health.

MAHALO and HAPPY 2017!

Carolyn Dean MD ND

The Doctor of the Future®

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