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Vaccine Statistics

January 20, 2017

I just googled my name and vaccines and I was surprised to see that I’ve written about a dozen blogs and articles on this issue. The topic is very hot right now – first, because California is legislating mandatory vaccines and second, because President Trump is talking about creating a vaccine commission.

I read a Medscape article about the head of the CDC stepping down and then I went to an article on Health Impact News titled “Why are CDC Employees “Crying in the Hallways” After Donald Trump’s Election?” It’s written by J.B. Handley, the father of a child with Autism. He and his wife co-founded Generation Rescue, Jenny McCarthy’s autism charity. I think it’s a very good overview of the commonsense reasons why children should not be subjected to 72 vaccines as they are trying to grow up! Yes, a stark Infographic in the above article shows how the number of childhood vaccines has escalated over the years: 1962 – 5 vaccines; 1983 – 24 vaccines; 2016 – 72 vaccines

The pro vaccine bias of the CDC is obvious in the following article at the National Vaccine Information Center called “Tom Frieden Leaving the CDC.” The author wondered if Frieden would follow his predecessor – “Dr. Frieden has not indicated what he plans to do after he leaves the CDC. His predecessor, Julie Gerberding, MD, landed a lucrative job with pharmaceutical giant Merck & Co. less than a year after her resignation as CDC director on January 20, 2009. Dr. Gerberding became president of Merck’s vaccine division.”

You can make up your own mind about the politics of vaccines, but I think we should have a choice on whether or not we, or our children, take them, they should not be mandatory. We should also have a choice in health care and not have to pay health insurance to a system that has a monopoly of drugs and surgery and doesn’t offer alternatives.

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