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55,000 Supplements to Choose From

February 17, 2017

A blog reader asked me about one of those never-ending advertising pages that come to your inbox; this one was selling supplements to revive your thymus gland. They warn people that: “Modern medicine prescribes replacement thyroid, estrogen, and insulin but fails to prescribe another important hormone, leaving millions of senior Americans with a weak immune system and vulnerability to infection and cancer.” So, right away they have your attention and make you feel “less than,” in danger, and fearful because they say you are missing something.

Of course, hormone replacement is an allopathic approach. I say, why wait to replace something when you can build your own hormones with the right building blocks. I told my blog reader that my ReSet formulas are helping people get off their thyroid meds; reduce their insulin: eliminate diabetic drugs; and some women are lowering their estrogen meds. So, the whole premise of waiting for something to collapse and then replacing it is wrong, wrong, wrong!

The never-ending email is the marketing technique that most companies and doctors are using to try and sell the 55,000 supplements that are available today. I told my blog reader that they are just peddling more widgets for the body without a proper protocol or plan. With all these products and an industry worth 37 billion dollars, there is fierce competition for your attention. Most of the hard sell marketing consists of lots of words that overwhelm you into thinking you really NEED that product. This type of marketing depends on one-time buyers; they aren’t trying to retain customers by creating a product that works effectively or providing superior customer service.

I began studying medicine before there was even a supplement industry and I’ve watched it grow in seismic proportions as it consciously or unconsciously adopts a more allopathic approach. I also see young health practitioners bursting on the Internet scene with warnings and advice about health problems and solutions that are being recycled from decades ago. Many health practitioner Internet sites offer articles encouraging diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes to promote health. But then, most of their online stores list upwards of 100 supplements with the implication that you need to purchase all of them to achieve good health.

Lack of effectiveness of supplement products is why people come to us for the formulas in our Total Body ReSet bundle. But it’s also because we mostly recommend only 5 formulas. This combination works synergistically and effectively for people with Total Body Meltdown. Following a proven protocol is a welcome relief for the physical body but also for a mind that may be foggy and distracted with the stress of being ill and trying to make the right choices about alternative care. Through out fantastic customer service, we recommend that people use Total Body ReSet as their basic protocol FIRST. If symptoms remain, and that occurs only rarely, that’s when you do an expensive workup, not in the initial stages when many symptoms will disappear with the right building blocks.

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  3. Hormonal Harmony Summit Kiran Ram runs from Feb 20-Mar 19, 2017. My talk is on Feb 24th. Replay March 20-22.

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