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Better Body Summit

February 6, 2017

Today, Feb 6, 2017, is the first day of health coach, Jill Kane’s Better Body Summit. My talk airs on Feb 17. Jill invited me, along with 25 other health and wellness experts to help listeners discover how to:

·      Break the Cycle of Food Addiction, Toxic Hunger, and Overeating

·      Heal Your Body from Chronic Inflammation with Food

·      Ditch the Diet Drama and Take Control of Your Relationship with Food

·      Develop Your Mental Fitness to Achieve Your Full Potential

·      Release Fear and Overwhelm and Embrace Clarity, Courage, and Confidence

·      Activate Your Radiance and Glow and Love Your Body and Self on All Levels

·      Master Your Motivation

In our video interview I wore my T-shirt with the magnesium heart logo I designed. I talked about the importance of magnesium and minerals for body building blocks, for energy, for the first step in feeling well, and to have the energy to move forward.

Looking at the above list of goals for the summit, food addiction can come from trying to get enough nutrients in an overly processed diet, which means you keep eating to try to get satisfied. My ReMag and ReMyte provide those minerals and break the habit of overeating. Chronic inflammation can be due to a magnesium deficiency, which is readily reversed with ReMag. Magnesium, especially ReMag is a mental gymnast, crossing the blood brain barrier, improving memory, concentration, and moods. It also dispels fear and anxiety. People do remark that they begin to glow with the ReSet formulas. So, although you will glean many beneficial bits of information from the other guests on Jill’s summit, consider the Total Body ReSet products as your main starting point to obtain a Better Body!

Jill talked about her concerns for working mothers who take care of their children, their partner, and their parents leaving them exhausted and ill. I told her about Total Body Meltdown, which I’m seeing turn around with the application of my Total Body ReSet protocol.

I mentioned that my products are getting quite popular and just that day, Dr. Christiane Northrup told me that she uses and recommends ReMag and ReMyte. In her books and writings Dr. Northrup shares her stories about divorce, raising children, and menopause, and the women who call in to her radio show have all those issues. I heard one of her listeners give her story and Dr. Northrup suggested she needed to first take care of her body with Dr. Dean’s ReMag and ReMyte to give her the energy and balance to deal with all her stress.

Join Jill Kane’s Better Body Summit immediately so you won’t miss any more of her wonderful guests!

Carolyn Dean MD ND

The Doctor of the Future®


1. Sandy Shofner’s Healthy, Wealthy and Slim Summit is still ongoing and if you missed some of the talks Sandy is generously offering a full Encore presentation until Feb 8, 2017.

2. The Women’s Healthy Weight Loss Summit presented by Dr. Ilona Berkoben, MD, is scheduled for Feb 6-26th. My interview is scheduled for Feb 11th.

3. Jill Kane’s Better Body Summit runs from Feb 6-Feb 22. My talk is on Feb 22nd.

4. Hormonal Harmony Summit with Kiran Ram begins Feb 20, 2017.

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