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Glaucoma Calcification

February 28, 2017

After last week’s blog on the Macula, many readers asked about glaucoma and whether the Total Body ReSet formulas are helpful in that condition. The answer is, Of Course!

Glaucoma affects the aqueous humor in the anterior compartment of the eye in front of the lens. The Macula is affected by changes in the posterior compartment – the vitreous humor behind the lens.

Apparently, glaucoma occurs when fluid and fluid pressure builds up in the front of the eye because the trabecular network that is supposed to drain excess fluid is not working properly. I say apparently because there are many variables in glaucoma where people with high pressure may not even have vision problems. Glaucoma is tested any time you visit an optometrist or opthalmologist. If your pressure is much above 21, you are offered eye drops and in worse cases – laser or surgery.

One blog reader wrote that a paper in Science Journal talked about the promising effects from the supplement NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) for glaucoma. I immediately wrote back that I thought magnesium and my other formulas are even more important for preventing and treating glaucoma.

On the website, I found an interesting article called “Magnesium May Stabilize Glaucoma.” This article notes that magnesium is deficient in the aqueous humor of patients with glaucoma. They report on a Russian study of 22 patients and 16 controls and concluded that, “The treatment group showed almost twice as many improved visual field results as the control group.” The study used magnesium gluconate but the article mentions magnesium l’threonine, whereas, ReMag is much better absorbed, has no laxative effect, and is much less expensive.

Let’s look at the contents of the aqueous humor and how we can make it as healthy as possible to prevent glaucoma using the Total Body ReSet formulas.

• Amino acids: transported by ciliary muscles. (To enhance amino acid balance I would recommend ReStructure protein powder and ReAline.)


• 98% water (Drink half your body weight in lbs, in ounces of water.)

• Electrolytes (Take ReMag, ReMyte and unrefined sea salt in drinking water.)

• Ascorbic acid (Ascorbic acid should really be Vit C complex – the RDA of vitamin C is in ReStructure but I recommend 200mg per day of a food based Vit C.)

• Glutathione (Glutathione is produced by the precursor L-methionine in ReAline.)

• Immunoglobulins (Immonuglobulin activity is enhanced by minerals such as ReMag and ReMyte and the methylated B vitamins in ReAline, and RnA Drops.)

Furthermore, NAD would just be used as a “medical” treatment of the symptoms of glaucoma, not as a cure or a preventive.

The following article in the IOVS Journal, Presence of an Established Calcification Marker in Trabecular Meshwork Tissue of Glaucoma Donors confirms my theory about calcification. The authors concluded that, “The increased activity of the calcification marker, ALP, in glaucomatous trabecular meshworks might be indicative of an undergoing mineralization process during development of the disease.” That means that calcium is likely blocking the trabecular meshwork, just like it blocks arteries and builds up in soft tissue throughout the body. New aqueous humor is produced and older fluid is supposed to be released, but if the meshwork is calcified, and the magnesium in the aqueous humor is deficient and won’t dissolve the calcium, the pressure continues to build up in the eye.

The obvious solution is to saturate your body with ReMag to dissolve this calcification and optimize all the components of the aqueous fluid with all the formulas in Total Body ReSet.

Carolyn Dean MD ND

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