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The Great Cholesterol Con

March 25, 2017

Dr. Malcolm Kendrick is one of several famous cholesterol researchers whose 2016 BMJ paper is titled, “Lack of an Association or an Inverse Association Between Low-Density-Lipoprotein Cholesterol and Mortality in The Elderly: A Systematic Review.” Dr. Kendrick has been an active critic of cholesterol and statin drugs for many years.

I downloaded this book The Great Cholesterol Con (2008) to my Kindle. Even though it’s 9 years old, his explanation of the myths surrounding cholesterol and its treatment are still fresh and will be new for most people. It’s actually a fun book to read with lots of tongue-in-cheek Scottish humor. I’ve got Scottish blood so I’m very biased! You really should read this book, it will push aside the last remaining doubts you have about high cholesterol being a cause of heart disease.

I was drawn to the paper and Kendrick’s book because of customers sending us reams of cholesterol tests for interpretation (which we don’t do) and recent blogs I’ve been reading by online health practitioners who are doing a lot of lab testing on their patients and clients. One of the newer tests is Advanced Lipid Testing: measuring subpopulations of lipoproteins and apolipoproteins (lipoprotein(a) (Lp[a]), apolipoprotein A-I (apo A-I), apolipoprotein B (apo B)), and lipoprotein particle composition of LDL and HDL.

About cholesterol testing and cholesterol studies, Kendrick says in the introduction to his book “It has reached the point where I feel like shouting, ‘Listen guys, I know you need to ‘publish or perish’, and the more publicity you can achieve the bigger the next research budget, but you’re scaring people half to death. No one knows what to do or what to believe any more. And by the way, your study was RUBBISH! Now go away, grow your beard, and do some proper boring research that no one can understand.’”

Here’s where I should mention that magnesium is a “natural statin” and helps balance the enzyme that makes cholesterol. So ReMag, along with diet and exercise, helps keep your cholesterol from triggering the ire of your doctor who will try to force you to take a statin drug by “scaring you half to death.”

One online practitioner correlates heart disease and autoimmunity. But after the shocking headline she says one of the main reasons is because steroids are the main treatment for autoimmune disease. Long-term use of steroids increase all the factors of heart disease: obesity, insulin resistance, glucose intolerance, elevated cholesterol and triglycerides and hypertension. Here is another instance of a drug causing magnesium deficiency, which leads to a long list of magnesium deficiency symptoms. I would love to know whether steroid side effects can be reduced if a patient is properly saturated with therapeutic amounts of ReMag.

Further on the autoimmunity and heart disease topic – both conditions are associated with inflammation. I won’t go into the physiologic details except to say that magnesium is the body’s best anti-inflammatory and calcium is pro-inflammatory. However, I will say that allopathic medicine has stumbled upon the real cause of heart disease, stroke, and kidney disease with their Coronary Calcium Scan. This scan measures the calcium in atherosclerotic plaque, which directly correlates with heart disease including atrial fibrillation. But since there is no drug treatment for calcium build up in the arteries, the test is getting little attention. It certainly caught my attention, however, because the application of therapeutic ReMag to dissolve the excess calcium is the solution.

The following testimonial gives credence to the above statement. “My wife had open-heart surgery 2½ years ago due mostly to hypertension and obstruction of the coronary arteries. After being on ReMag and ReMyte for several months her blood pressure had dropped from 180/95 to 110/60. Her last echocardiogram showed a healthy and strong heart with an ejection fraction of 60 percent. Her last ultrasound of her carotid artery showed a 30 – 40 percent lessening of calcified occlusions. This is all amazingly good news.”

I’ve had trouble keeping the length of this post down to a manageable level because there is so much to say. However you can Google my name and heart disease and find more blogs. Or you can read my book, The Magnesium Miracle available on amazon, or my free eBooks Atrial Fibrillation: ReMineralize Your Heart, Invisible Minerals Part I: ReMag.

It’s important that you do some extra reading because heart disease is the number one killer in both men and women. This means that doctors are trying to put more people on medications to “prevent” heart disease. Therefore, as the “acceptable” cholesterol levels and blood pressure levels are lowered, you want to be so healthy that you are not caught up in that net of “prevention.”

Also, alternative practitioners, because they are not aware of therapeutic ReMag, miss the chance to properly treat heart disease and are advising high priced testing to try to “find the elusive cause.”

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