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The Total Biology of CFS

March 20, 2017

Paul Virilio (born 1932) is a French cultural theorist best known for his writings about technology as it has developed in relation to speed and power. I recently read something he said and it struck me as another way to explain Total Body Meltdown. Virilio said “Together with the build-up of information superhighways we are facing a new phenomenon: loss of orientation. A fundamental loss of orientation complementing and concluding the societal liberalization and the deregulation of financial markets whose nefarious effects are well-known.”

To see the larger context of “disorientation” I put Virilio’s quote in the context of the Total Biology of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS).

My Total Biology teacher, Gilbert Renault ND told the class this story. He said to imagine rolling hills in the countryside populated by a flock of sheep. Sheep are the food of predators, so they stay together in a flock. There is a little black sheep that goes off by itself. He doesn’t notice that the flock has moved, and he can no longer see them. As soon as he realizes he’s not in contact with the flock his brain registers a red alert. He can go in 4 directions, but he may run the wrong way and meet a predator. When he becomes aware that he has lost his flock, his biological brain sends a message to shut down his adrenals and the sheep falls down. Simultaneously, the flock is programmed that when one of their number is missing, the oldest sheep sends out a message from its pineal gland that beams to the missing sheep! When the beam reaches the missing sheep, it activates its adrenal glands and also acts like a homing signal. It’s vital for the sake of the flock to have this program operating. It’s essential to have this message system. Humans are so disoriented in the current environment along with a loss of the extended family that they do not have access to this sort of program and messaging system.

My teacher continued with the following. For someone with chronic fatigue syndrome what does this mean? If the adrenals are shut down, what is the question to ask the patient? The question is – What is your direction in life? In many cases of CFS, the individual feels lost, feels separated from the flock, is the black sheep in the family, doesn’t feel part of any group. Such an individual has lost their direction in life. This is the best question to ask someone who is chronically tired – What are you doing tomorrow? If they say that just thinking about tomorrow makes them feel tired, that means they think there is no future for them and that includes no future possibility of healing.

I call this level of CFS, Total Body Meltdown and I say to work on the physical with the Total Body ReSet products and when you have a bit more energy, start building a future, make a plan. Collapsing with tiredness and staying put may be the brain’s plan, the brain’s best solution to save their life. But, having that insight,  you can now look into issues of feeling lost or out of the flock, or being a black sheep in the family, or not part of any group and take steps to turn that around.

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