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Your Best Self Now & Total Biology

March 28, 2017

Elana Terziyska is a health coach who shares her expertise with women who have eating disorders. She brings her own experience, boundless energy, and enthusiasm to the table making her very successful in her work. Elana emphasizes diet, strength training, and emotional support and was particularly interested in whether people should take supplements. I said that everyone could benefit from taking nutrients even beyond a good diet. We talked about Total Body Meltdown and transforming that condition with the nutrients from my Total Body ReSet program.

Like most people who interview me, Elana was blown away by the power of magnesium, and especially by the therapeutic applications of my ReMag. I also discussed the need for ReMyte and its 9 minerals to prevent hypothyroidism and ReStructure protein powder, ReAline detox formula, and RnA Drops.

On the subject of eating disorders, if a person is not getting enough nutrients in their diet, they keep eating in an effort to obtain them. That behavior can appear like binge eating. Purging is an effort to stop calories from being absorbed. There is a lot more involved in eating disorders but when people get the right nutrients from my Total Body ReSet formulas, they experience a shift in their cravings and addictions. For example, customers tell us that they no longer desire sugar, alcohol, cigarettes, or coffee. As with most chronic health problems, it think that taking the Total Body ReSet formulas sets the stage for balanced healing.

The stress and conflict aspect of eating disorders is addressed by Total Biology in the following five conflicts related to the desire to be underweight. Just by knowing that these conflicts may be driving your behavior can help you to detach from them.

·      Abandonment: One or both of my parents do not want me (therefore do not protect me), so I am better off if I disappear, make myself very tiny in order not to bother. I must disappear so the predator does not find me.

·      My Figure: I must remain the thinnest possible in order to hide myself and sneak around in case of danger. Above all I must not grow larger!

·      Indigestible Lack: I don’t have what I want, and I don’t want what I have.

·      My Identity: I don’t have the right to exist, to express myself, to express my opinion, to have a territory, etc.

·      Too Fat: I am skinny as a rail, yet I think I am too fat. To be “fat” or to be “thin” depends on what this means in the mind of the person and always represents the brain’s perfect solution.

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