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Depression – The # 1 Illness

April 7, 2017

According to a March 30, 2017 press release by the WHO, depression is the leading cause of ill health and disability worldwide with more than 300 million people living with depression. This is an increase of more than 18% between 2005 and 2015.

Trauma, grief, financial troubles, unemployment, SAD, smoking, thyroid disease, poor sleep habits, Facebook overload, end of TV series or movie, urban environments, too many choices, lack of omega-3 fatty acids, BCP, anxiety and insomnia drugs, including Valium and Xanax; Lopressor, for high blood pressure; cholesterol-lowering drugs including Lipitor; and Premarin for menopausal symptoms are all cited as possible causes of depression.

Stress, hypothyroidism, insomnia, anxiety, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and menopausal symptoms can all be related to magnesium deficiency. What if magnesium deficiency is the underlying cause of what eventually develops into depression?

A recent study found that levels of C-reactive protein, an measure of inflammation in the body, helped predict which antidepressants would work for a patient. This implies that if a drug is able to act as an anti-inflammatory, then depression will be treated along with the inflammation! If you’re been reading my blogs, you all know that magnesium is THE best anti-inflammatory you can take! So why go for a drug that “might” work but has tremendous side effects when you can take magnesium?

Unfortunately, if anti-inflammatory drugs are added to the list given to a depressed patient, they will only cause more magnesium deficiency and potentially more depression.

Let’s look at the symptoms of depression and how they relate to magnesium deficiency.

* Seep disturbance – definitely a symptom of magnesium deficiency

* Fatigue or loss of energy – definitely symptoms of magnesium deficiency

* Psychomotor agitation or retardation – definitely symptoms of magnesium deficiency

* Diminished ability to think or concentrate – definitely symptoms of magnesium deficiency

When you fail to treat the above symptoms with magnesium, then the following symptoms can develop:

* Diminished interest or loss of pleasure in most activities

* Depressed mood

* Appetite disturbance

* Feelings of worthlessness

* Recurrent thoughts of death or suicide

Around 2008 several studies reported that antidepressant medication might only work 40% of the time, which is little better than placebo. Even so, allopathic medicine continues to tell us that antidepressant medication, with or without psychotherapy if the best treatment for depression. That’s why I recommend EMPowerplus Advanced at Truehope for moderate to major depression. But for mild to moderate depression I recommend ReMag and the Total Body ReSet formulas since so many of the initial symptoms can be magnesium deficiency.

I also urge you to use ReMag in therapeutic doses for stress, insomnia, fatigue, agitation, and poor concentration and not succumb to the temptation of quick-fix drugs for these magnesium deficiency problems! Even for the stress that we can’t change, ReMag is the solution. Here’s one testimonial from a customer who stresses that point!

“My friend said she was suffering from dreadful stress and feeling constantly anxious with a tight pain constantly around her chest. One relative was dying of liver failure and another had an elevated PSA Test. I suggested she try some ReMag that her husband was taking. I think she thought it would be a waste as it wouldn’t change the situation. Fortunately, she did try it and literally a few days later she started feeling better. Her chest pains went away, as did her nightly cramps, and the constant feeling of tension lessened to such a degree she felt she could cope once more. She said the ReMag really helped her through what was an incredibly stressful situation.”

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