Does the Hippocratic Oath Promote Burnout?

April 2, 2017

In a bizarre attempt to explain why 33-50% of practicing doctors and 50% of medical students suffer symptoms of burnout, experts are blaming the Hippocratic Oath, which they say tells doctors to put their patients first. Excuse me, but I really don’t think that’s the case. After all, when’s the last time a doctor spent a half hour with you, listened to you closely, examined you thoroughly, and took time to reassure you about your symptoms? That’s what putting patients first really means.

I’d rather doctors follow the part of the Oath that says “First Do No Harm” and if they did, their job satisfaction would go way up! I think the major reason why doctors are suffering burn out is because they aren’t really helping their patients. And why is that? It’s because they are only given 7 minutes per patient visit by their HMO’s and there is nothing they can do to change that. It’s because the medications they prescribe are not helping their patients, who complain that they are getting worse, not better. It’s because they went to medical school to learn how to help people and that’s just not happening. Or because they wanted to become a doctor for the prestige and to make a lot of money and that’s not happening either.

I have no idea what the new health care plan will offer but unless it gives people access to alternatives, we will still be stuck in the same assembly line practice of drugs and surgery. Medicine has become so mechanized in the current system, you can go from having a physical complaint to major surgery with no one but the surgeon in the operating room touching your body.

Are there solutions in alternative medicine? Unfortunately, most alternative medicine practitioners have unwittingly adopted the medical model. Instead of treating the whole body, they too have become specialists, so you have nobody who looks at the whole picture of your Total Body Meltdown. Practitioners perform copious, expensive tests, for which they take a large fee, and they match test results and symptoms to supplements – prescribing them instead of drugs.

Fortunately, I learned about yeast overgrowth in my naturopathic training and began treating it at the very start of my medical practice. Because of my own magnesium deficiency symptoms and being invited to write a book on magnesium by Random House, I’ve become an expert on magnesium and mineral metabolism. I’ve discovered that yeast overgrowth and mineral deficiency are the primary causes of most chronic health conditions today and can only be addressed naturally. Picometer-sized, stabilized ionic magnesium (ReMag) and minerals (ReMyte) are low potency, completely absorbed, and highly therapeutic: they provide the building blocks that people require to ReSet their body.

To the mineral deficiency and yeast overgrowth picture, I add information about the conflict basis of disease through the study of Total Biology. Here is what German New Medicine creator, Dr. Gert Hamer, says “The brain is the central control station and illness is a program that the brain can switch “on” under circumstances of extreme stress or a very significant conflict experienced by a living creature. The brain can switch “off” this same program of illness as soon as the conflict that triggered the creature’s illness has been resolved or eliminated.

I know I’ve made all these statements many times but I’ll keep saying them until everyone gets the message.

My personal lifelong commitment is to research the underlying cause of illness and provide commonsense, practical, efficient, affordable ways of staying well and make these tools available so you can take charge of your own body and your own health. I encourage people to avoid the complexity that some practitioners introduce into your health picture with genetic testing, hormone testing, hair analysis, and electrodiagnostic testing.

I find that most people are in the midst of a Total Body Meltdown and I’ve put together a protocol that takes advantage of my 50 years of health research. The first message is that while you think you have tried everything, until you saturate your body with ReMag, you have not activated 700-800 enzyme processes in the body. ReMag turns on all those switches. My protocol is to replenish your body with well absorbed nutrients using ReMag, ReMyte and maybe ReCalcia; gently detox and get your methylated B’s with ReAline; and start making perfect cells with RnA Drops and ReStructure. Often most, if not all, your symptoms will clear up and you won’t have wasted your time and money on expensive testing and doctor’s visits.

Carolyn Dean MD ND

The Doctor of the Future®


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