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Natural Headache Solution Summit

April 23, 2017

Dr. Suja Johnkutty is a practicing neurologist with a special interest in treating headaches. She has organized a unique Natural Headache Solution Summit beginning April 24th. My talk is on May 18th.

Reading about the Epidemiology of Headache is enough to give you a headache. Here are some salient points:

·      Headaches are the most prevalent neurological disorders and among the most frequent symptoms seen in general practice.

·      50% of the general population have headaches during any given year, and more than 90% of those people report a lifetime history of headache.

·      The average lifetime prevalence of migraine is 18%, and the estimated average prevalence in the past year is 13%.

·      Tension-type headache is more common than migraine,

·      Lifetime migraine ratio is 2–3 females for 1 male.

Here are some excerpts about headaches from my Magnesium Miracle book that point to the importance of magnesium in the treatment of headache and migraines. ReMag is the form of magnesium that has the most therapeutic impact on headaches.

Headaches. Muscle tension and spasm in neck and head muscles can be alleviated with magnesium therapy, which can be applied locally and taken orally.

Migraine. Deficiency of serotonin can result in migraine headaches and depression. Serotonin depends on magnesium for proper balance. Also, tiny blood clots can block capillaries in the brain, leading to migraines. Magnesium prevents calcium from causing excessive blood clotting. It is well known that IV and oral magnesium can treat and prevent migraine headaches.

* In non-menopausal women, estrogen rises before the period, causing a shift of blood magnesium into bone and muscle. As a result, magnesium levels in the brain are lowered.

* When magnesium is low, it is unable to do its job to counteract the clotting action of calcium on the blood. Tiny blood clots are said to clog up brain blood vessels, leading to migraines. Several other substances that help create blood clots are increased when magnesium is too low.

* Similarly magnesium inhibits excess platelet aggregation, preventing the formation of tiny clots that can block blood vessels and cause pain.

* Low brain magnesium promotes neurotransmitter hyperactivity and nerve excitation that can lead to headaches.

* Several conditions that trigger migraines are also associated with magnesium deficiency, including pregnancy, alcohol intake, diuretic drugs, stress, and menstruation.

* Magnesium relaxes blood vessels and allows them to dilate, reducing the spasms and constrictions that can cause migraines.

* Magnesium regulates the action of brain neurotransmitters and inflammatory substances, which may play a role in migraines when unbalanced.

* Magnesium relaxes muscles and prevents the buildup of lactic acid, which, along with muscle tension, can worsen head pain.

NOTE: You can do your own experiment to identify food allergies that may trigger migraines by following an elimination diet for 3 weeks and then testing foods individually such as: gluten, milk, sugar, yeast, corn, citrus and eggs.

By 2012, Dr. Mauskop, a famous NY headache specialist, had sufficient clinical success and had published enough about treating migraine with magnesium to title his paper “Why All Migraine Patients Should Be Treated with Magnesium.” Dr. Mauskop enthused that “all migraine sufferers should receive a therapeutic trial of magnesium supplementation.” As he explains, “A multitude of studies have proven the presence of magnesium deficiency in migraine patients.”

PMS and PMS headaches. Magnesium is a safe treatment.

Aspartame Headaches. If you have magnesium deficiency and regularly use aspartame, the toxicity is magnified and can result in headaches and migraines. You can easily identify whether your headaches are caused by aspartame – eliminate aspartame for sixty days and judge for yourself. If you want to minimize the withdrawal effects, sip ReMag in sea-salted water throughout the day.

Please join the free Natural Headache Solution Summit beginning April 24th. many practitioners will lend their expertise to this important topic. My talk is on May 18th.

Carolyn Dean MD ND

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1. The Female Brain Summit with Maureen Garry begins Apr 23rd. My talk is on Apr 27, 28.

2. Natural Headache Solution Summit with Neurologist Dr. Suja Johnkutty begins April 24th. My talk is on May 18th.

3. Increase Your Energy Summit with Steph Jensen launches May 15.

4. Better Beyond 50 Bone Health Summit with Melissa Koerner begins in June with an interview and live Q&A sessions.

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