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Emergency Health Crisis!

May 28, 2017

Global peace activist, Carol Rosin was recently introduced to ReMag and the Total Body ReSet for her own health and was so impressed she has been championing my work non-stop.

Carol and I have already done two, 2-hour iPod interviews. The second one was live on Friday May 26, 2017; it’s called Emergency Health Crisis: 65 Magnesium Deficiency Conditions. The first was called Critical Life Saving Information, which we did 2 weeks prior. You can click to the youtube URL to listen to both shows.

My blog announcing the first Carol Rosin show was called Magnesium Deficiency is The New Scurvy. In it I describe magnesium deficiency as a public health crisis of epic proportions. Besides the 65 magnesium deficiency conditions I’ve identified, there are 100 factors that lead to magnesium deficiency, and two dozens reasons why magnesium deficiency occurs. No other government agency, university, health clinic, or doctor has come close to uncovering and documenting these facts.

In these shows, I went over content from the new edition of The Magnesium Miracle. Carol was especially interested in the fact that there are at least 65 conditions caused by magnesium deficiency. So, in the second show, we went through the whole list with Carol asking great questions from people who were emailing into the show.

I’m getting very excited about the Aug 15, 2017 launch of this latest edition of The Magnesium Miracle! My team (Ginney, Chad, Kate) and I are geared up to reach as many people as possible with this 600-page book and it’s 600+ references.

Amazing as that is, I’ve also discovered the solution to this crisis and put it within your grasp. The solution is called ReMag, a therapeutic, fully-absorbed magnesium that allows you to take enough magnesium to make a difference but not cause the laxative effect.

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1. Increase Your Energy Summit with Steph Jensen launched May 15.

2. Better Beyond 50 Bone Health Workshop with Melissa Koerner gets into full swing May 29th with interviews and live Q&A sessions with 4 top bone experts my Q&A session is June 1st.

3. Healthy Mom Summit with Robin Von Schwarz. Began May 27, 2017 with my video on the first day.

4. Alive and Vibrant At Any Age Summit with Pat Molter launches Tuesday, June 6, 2017.

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