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Healthy Mom Series

May 26, 2017

Robin Von Schwarz has produced a labor of love with her Healthy Mom Series and she is very serious about what she does. The Summit begins tomorrow, Sat May 27, 2017 and mine is the first talk.

Robin is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and Yoga Teacher who specializes in neuro-nutrient therapy and restorative yoga for anxiety and depression. As a former high school teacher, Robin was exposed to the countless children under her care who suffered from anxiety and depression. Two of her children suffered symptoms that brought the problem of mental illness in teens even closer to home. She founded Hunger4Healing Holistic Health Coaching, to bring attention to the increasing rate of children and adolescents diagnosed with mental illness. This Summit is her outreach to parents of children with mental illness.

In our interview, Robin became increasingly aware that her own health had been compromised by magnesium deficiency and yeast overgrowth. Allergies since age 4 were likely aggravated by yeast overgrowth from antibiotics. Her four pregnancies had depleted her thyroid. An accidental injection of anesthetic into her blood stream during the delivery of one of her children left her with burning pain all over her body, which was likely due to magnesium deficiency. Her doctors held her hostage to a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis for 10 years because of her symptoms.

Robin was thrilled to find solutions to her health concerns and those of her children. I explained that if Robin was magnesium deficient when she was pregnant, her children would be born magnesium-deficient and experience increasing magnesium deficiency symptoms as they grew up.

Magnesium deficiency in childhood can cause so many symptoms – colic, insomnia, inconsolable crying, exaggerated startle reflexes, and anxiety. Symptoms of ADHD can be caused by magnesium deficiency. And taking magnesium can treat all these symptoms.

I told Robin that most children take a nightly bath into which you can put 1 cup of Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate). Oral ReMag can also be give to children in their food and drinks.

A yeast free diet, B vitamins, Vitamin C and other nutrients can also help but I stressed that the proper foundation for healing starts with magnesium and minerals, such as found in my ReMag and ReMyte formulas.

Please join me on the Healthy Mom Series, which begins tomorrow with my interview!

Carolyn Dean MD ND

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