Osteoporosis Should Not Exist

May 23, 2017

Before I start my Healthy Bones blog – I want to invite everyone to a live 2-hour interview with Carol Rosin on Friday, May 26, 2017. It’s a follow up to my May 12, 2017 interview which Carol titled: Uncensored! World Health Crisis: Life Saving Info! Dr Carolyn Dean on the Carol Rosin Show. On this week’s show, I’ll describe how magnesium deficiency causes 65 common diseases and how therapeutic ReMag treats them!

Healthy Bones Workshop creator, Melissa Koerner is now registering guests and you have until midnight PST Thursday, May 25th to sign up. This is an online event like no other and there is a registration limit because there will be Q&A sessions and Melissa wants everyone to have a chance to ask questions.

The Healthy Bones Worship features the top 4 holistic bone health experts, giving you a plan to prevent and reverse osteoporosis naturally. You’re definitely going to want to join this workshop so you can personally ask me (and all the other experts) your burning bone health questions on our live Consultation and Q&A Calls.

Beyond Calcium- Building Bone with the Right Balance of Minerals is the title of my presentation in which you will learn:

·      Why building and maintaining strong bones isn’t just about getting enough calcium.

·      Why too much calcium is dangerous to your health!

·      Why you need magnesium to maintain strong bone and how to make sure you’re getting the right amounts.

·      Why you should think twice before you decide to do bone drug therapy.

·      Why you can’t get enough minerals to maintain healthy bones through diet alone

·      The WORST offending medications that contribute to bone loss and increase your risk of developing osteoporosis.

Learn more about the other bone health expert presentations and to sign up for the Better Beyond 50 Healthy Bones Workshop.

Here are some quotes from my Magnesium Miracle 2017 edition. It will be out mid August but you can sign up in the presale now.

·      Osteoporosis is neither a normal nor inevitable consequence of aging: Our bones were designed to last a lifetime. Popular wisdom, however, is that osteoporosis in women is due to a lack of calcium and declining estrogen levels with age. Doctors therefore rely on estrogen, calcium, and drugs that keep bones cells from breaking down, to treat osteoporosis. None of these measures are working.

·      Low magnesium in the presence of elevated calcium, with or without vitamin D, triggers a cascade of events leading to bone loss.

·      Researcher, Dr. Diane Feskanich also found that too much calcium can cause some forms of arthritis, kidney stones, and osteoporosis, in addition to calcification of the arteries (leading to heart attack and cardiovascular disease).

·      Magnesium is just as important as calcium to prevent and treat osteoporosis.

·      One of the experts in the Health Bones Workshop, Susan Brown, Ph.D., director of the Osteoporosis Education Project in Syracuse, New York, warns that “the use of calcium supplementation in the face of magnesium deficiency can lead to a deposition of calcium in the soft tissue such as the joints, promoting arthritis, or in the kidney, contributing to kidney stones.

·      Calcium cannot build bones or prevent osteoporosis without adequate levels of magnesium. It’s as simple as that. If our bones are made entirely from calcium, they become brittle and can shatter, just like a stick of calcium carbonate chalk falling on the sidewalk. However, with the right percentage of magnesium, bone has the proper density and matrix that actually makes it flexible and more resistant to shattering.

You have until Thursday, May 25th midnight PST to sign up for the Healthy Bones Workshop. Sign up now before you miss your chance! If you’re concerned about your bone health, and you want to learn the truth about how to build bone naturally without bone drugs, then I urge you to sign up for the Better Beyond 50 Healthy Bones Workshop starting Monday, May 29th. Registration closes Thursday, May 25th midnight PST.

Carolyn Dean MD ND

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1. Increase Your Energy Summit with Steph Jensen launches May 15.

2. Better Beyond 50 Bone Health Workshop registration is now in open until May 25th and the Workshop begins May 29th with my talk and my Live Q&A is on June 1st.

3. Healthy Mom’s Summit hosted by Robin Von Schwartz airs May 27, 2017

4. Alive and Vibrant At Any Age Summit with Pat Molter launches Tuesday, June 6, 2017.

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