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Alive & Vibrant At Any Age

June 6, 2017

I would like to introduce you to Pat Molter, aromatherapist, holistic educator, author, and cancer survivor. She’s the host of Alive & Vibrant At Any Age Summit, which begins Tues June 6!

In her healing journey, Pat was introduced to a new way of eating that included plant-based foods and smoothies to help the many harmful side effects of her chemotherapy. Since then she has dedicated herself to this lifestyle and educating others. One of the benefits is not only having more energy, she is also living cancer-free.

Pat shares what she has learned in her battle with cancer. She’s also approached by people who are struggling with weight gain, bloating, fatigue, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, brain fog, forgetfulness, and negative thoughts. I told her that all these symptoms and conditions are part of what I call Total Body Meltdown that so many of our clients and customers are suffering. I also talked about the highly effective treatment that I use with my Total Body ReSet products.

Pat was quite impressed with my discussion of Total Body ReSet with non-laxative, therapeutic ReMag; ReMyte for hormonal and immune system balance; highly absorbed ReCalcia for people who are dairy-free; ReAline for a safe detox; ReStructure, a healthy meal replacement; and the magic of RnA Drops.

Pat works with diet and essential oils, but I warned her that even organic foods and herbs may be deficient in magnesium and minerals if the soil is not sufficiently amended with rock dust. Pat found this to be true for herself because when she started taking ReMag her hands and feet, which have been miserably cold ever since chemo, are warm again!

Please join me on the Alive & Vibrant At Any Age Summit where Pat interviews 21 experts who have life changing stories and advice to put you on a healing path. The Summit starts June 6 and my talk is on June 16.

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