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PCOS in the Workplace Summit

June 24, 2017

In 2004, I was asked by a publisher to write a book on Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) perhaps because I’d just written another book called Hormone Balance. I never wrote the PCOS book and I’m glad I didn’t because my extensive notes at the time showed that I was just looking at PCOS as an endocrine disorder and not the Total Body Meltdown condition that it really is.

It was an invitation by Jimi Sayo, a UK Hynotherapist to join her second PCOS Summit that got me back on track with PCOS. It’s called PCOS in the Workplace since it mostly affects women who have to cope with this condition and still work in the home or outside the home.

Total Body Meltdown: Where Nothing Works and Everything Hurts is often the state of health of many of my patients, clients, and customers in a health care system that is more about the system than about the care. The system that you are shunted into when you are suffering Total Body Meltdown separates you into your body parts treating each part individually with the “appropriate” drug or surgery.

If it’s not PCOS, other women arrive at TBM with an emphasis on the thyroid (Hashimoto’s, hypothyroidism) or the adrenals (adrenal fatigue) or the immune system (CFS, fibromyalgia) or the gut (IBS, SIBO). In all these cases I talk about the triad of hormones – thyroid, adrenals and sex hormones and when one is out of balance, it’s not long before the others succumb. So eventually women with PCOS can develop thyroid, adrenal, and gut problems that begin with sex hormone imbalance.

We don’t know why certain women develop sex hormone imbalance first. Could it be that they or their mothers took the BCP or were on fertility drugs. If their mother was hypothyroid or had adrenal fatigue, could that affect them? We don’t have the data on these associations yet but we can speculate because it’s been several generations since all these conditions began to appear and are now epidemic in the population.

Medicine has not identified the original causes of any of these conditions so that we can treat comprehensively. However, after several decades of studying chronic diseases, I say the two major causes of all these conditions that make up Total Body Meltdown and account for the majority, if not all, their symptoms are mineral deficiencies and yeast overgrowth.

Jimi gave me a wonderful opportunity to explore all the causes and triggers of PCOS as they relate to yeast overgrowth and mineral deficiencies. She was quite amazed because it presented a whole new avenue of treatment that she had not uncovered in her search for solutions to PCOS. The Summit even encouraged me to pick where I left off with my PCOS book and that should be available in the next few months as a free eBook.

Please join the PCOS in the Workplace Summit to learn if your symptoms match those of PCOS and realize that the solution is the very effective and efficient Total Body ReSet protocol.


  1. Pat Molter’s Alive and Vibrant at any Age Summit was so well received that people are clamouring for more. Pat is offering another free viewing of all the interviews June 27-29, 2017.
  2. Jimi Sayo presents her Summit, PCOS in the Workplace June 26-July 7, 2017, my interview in two parts will run on June 28-29.

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