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Hormone Balance – Adams Media (2005)

September 30, 2017

Hormone Balance is an informative, easy to read book that gives you the tools you need to overcome the hormonal rollercoaster that often leads to mood swings, PMS, weight gain, and more.

Learn about the toxins that make your hormones cry for help; gnash your teeth over the propaganda surrounding synthetic hormones; and find out about bio-identical hormones and if you really need them.

  • Perimenopause – causes and patterns, including the estrogen dominance theory, the importance of the thyroid and adrenals, and the effects of the environment
  • Menopause – the pros and cons of HRT and natural, bioidenticalHRT hormones
  • Bone density loss – why boomers are losing bone and how to protect against it, exposing the “calcium as the only solution to osteoporosis” myth
  • Monthly challenges – bloating, cramping, extreme mood shifts, and more
  • Hormonal diet – smart tips for weight balance and foods and supplements to support the liver, intestines, and adrenals

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