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The Anti-Supplement Lobby

September 17, 2017

On Aug 23, 2017 CNN-Health posted the following: “High doses of vitamin B (B6 & B12) tied to lung cancer risk, study says.” My fellow doctors on the Advisory Board of the Orthomolecular Medicine News Service (OMNS) say it’s a crock!! Click on their website and scroll down to a critique of the article posted in a press release Sept 1, 2017.

The study only surveyed men with cancer and assessed their B vitamin intake via diet surveys. They took no blood levels. One OMNS doctor said that the participants in this study smoke and probably chug Red Bull for energy and that’s how they get their B vitamins. Red Bull contains caffeine, taurine, B vitamins, sucrose, and glucose. Our ReAline has L-taurine, methylated B’s, and L-methionine – a much safer, natural energy balancer.

CNN-Health, comparing apples and coconuts, launched into whether taking prenatal vitamins was even “worth the money” or “whether cereal has too many vitamins for kids.” This is in spite of the fact that a deficiency of folate in pregnant women has been proven to cause neural tube birth defects in 1 out of 1,000 newborns.

CNN-Health also reported that “Calls to Poison Centers about Supplements Up 50%, Especially Among Kids” to 275,000. That’s probably because of articles like this one that make people afraid of supplements! Also with 55,000 dietary supplements on the market, I’m sure kids are going to get into some of these bottles and sample the contents and their parents will panic and call the Poison Center.

Dr. Andrew Saul wrote Media Medicine: Have You No Sense of Decency? about this Poison Center study. Dr. Saul reminds us that “The same poison control centers report zero deaths from any dietary supplement.” Yet the alarmist tone of the CNN article almost equates calls with deaths. Read about the safety of supplements in the Jan 2017 article No Deaths from Supplements at the Orthomolecular website.

Dr. Saul continues: “The indecency of attacking dietary supplements shows that the real problem, that hospitals are the third largest cause of death in America, is largely ignored. That dietary supplements kill no one is completely ignored. This is reckless disregard of the truth by the media. If you disagree, then ask yourself this one question: Have you once seen the mainstream media report that there are, in fact, no deaths from supplements?”

He ends with the following: “For over 13 years now, the Orthomolecular Medicine News Service has been reporting how doctors safely cure disease by using nutrition-based medicine. We intend to continue. It is the decent thing to do.” The FDA agenda, of course, is to only treat disease with drugs. If a supplement company does recommend a nutrient for a disease, that nutrient is called a drug and must go through expensive drug testing with hefty fees going to the FDA.

Maybe the press was notified about the B vitamins causing cancer study prior to publication because on Aug 15, 2017 one throw-away paper in NY, the Metro NY published the following fear-mongering article. Should You Take Vitamins and Supplements At All? All Signs Point to No. The alarmist author wrote another byline: “Why supplements do more harm than good.” She said “The industry producing vitamins and supplements is a $37 billion dollar business.” So, perhaps the harm is being felt by the drug companies?

There’s not much more to learn from the article except Hollywood actors were blamed for promoting worthless supplements and Ivy League doctors denounced their use. Of course the comment is made that these nutrients should come from our diet. They also say that studies show that supplements don’t keep people alive longer. Their recommendation is to “Skip the expensive pee, eat more fruits and vegetables and only take a supplement if your doctor recommends it.” No mention is made of the lack of minerals in the soil making food empty of nutrients or that doctors are not trained in the art of prescribing dietary supplements.

Please try not to be fooled by these anti-supplement articles. Here’s another attempt to demonize them. The title is:Bodybuilding Mom of 2 Reportedly Dies of Protein Overdose. Apparently this 26-year old mother, body builder was found collapsed in her apartment. After 48 hours in the hospital, she was finally diagnosed with a rare urea cycle disorder. But instead of blaming her genetic disorder, the doctors and her family blame her protein supplements calling for tighter restrictions. This story was picked up widely as another opportunity to bash supplements. On the same page is an equally bizarre story about a young woman cut in half by an elevator malfunction. I don’t mean to dismiss the suffering of the family of this woman but if you follow the same logic as the call to restrict protein supplements, should we lobby for elevators to be banned!!

Remember folks, the media is constantly looking for scary stories so that you will numbly, yet fearfully, sit through hypnotizing commercials and buy stuff you don’t need. Also, the medical and pharmaceutical industries only know how to diagnose disease and treat disease symptoms with drugs and surgery. They don’t know anything about supplements and they want them stopped because they might “interfere” with drug treatment. Translation – you may no longer need drugs if you take the right supplements.

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