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5th Annual Rewire Your Brain to Think Thin

October 10, 2017

My colleague, Marna Thall has gathered the world’s top experts and authors in weight loss, hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistics, Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping), guided meditation, emotional eating, overeating, and food triggers to give you proven strategies and tools you can use to Rewire Your Brain to Think Thin. Marna doesn’t call it a Summit as much as a Training Series for health. The event will take place October 16 –27, 2017 and my session will go live on Tues Oct 24th.

In my interview we discuss my favorite topic – magnesium and its relationship to weight loss and balanced health. I find that magnesium opens the door to feeling more energy, getting better sleep, and feeling relaxed, which gives people the motivation to take even more steps to a healthier lifestyle.

After magnesium, the best advice I can give about weight loss is to tackle Portion Control. I write about this in my Magnesium Miracle book. Supersize servings that we get in restaurants and second helpings at home are the best way to gain weight. Smaller meals and waiting 4-6 hours between meals are both great weight-loss solutions. If your body wants some calories during that time, it will metabolize stores of glucose, called glycogen, from your liver. I call it liver-snacking!

A great article to review the benefits of magnesium in weight loss is “Magnesium – The Weight Loss Cure.”

For much more, please join me on Rewire Your Brain to Think Thin launching Oct 16. Yes, it’s free but if you want to purchase the recordings and transcripts you will have that option as well.


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