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Beware The Chip Body

November 23, 2017

I’ve been bemoaning the fate of our world in the hands of pharmaceutical drug pushers for decades. But my concerns have been ratcheted up a few more notches with the news that The FDA approves the first digital pill to TRACK patients. The drugs are not new but the embedded sensor made by a Japanese pharmaceutical company is – making it possible to track a patient’s drug intake! And much more!

Big Brother has landed on your doorstep and what are we going to do about it? Probably nothing at all! We have become so docile and accepting of technology and drugs that marrying the two may seem the next logical step for our chip bodies!

In order to deconstruct what’s going on, I’ll quote a media expert who helped me with Chapter 4 in Death by Modern Medicine. The chapter is called “Death by Media”. My husband, Bob, is a well-known media ecologist and expert on the work of media analyst, Marshall McLuhan. Bob says we now have four bodies to contend with. Our post-human form consists of a TV Body, a Chip Body, a Chemical Body, and an Astral Body. These four bodies constantly engage our post-human being and consciousness.

Machines and satellites programmed whole environments in the industrial age and then the TV age. Then with digitalization and miniaturization people began to program themselves like machines. Hence chipped drugs. People are compulsively exercising, medicating, dieting, piercing, and having surgery, to retrieve their lost chemical bodies. They are merging with the technology that caused them to ‘disappear’.

People are also using alternative medicine to program themselves with biohacking, as part of their new physical image—a holdover from the resonance effect of the electronic age. But they are using alternatives in an allopathic way. As we’ve said before, they have no qualms about mixing modalities, no loyalties to any camp, any doctor, any channel, or any product. But why are people so loyal to their favorite sports team, one of the major benefactors of the TV medium and its instant replay technology? It’s really their TV Body. And why are they so addicted to their cell phones making an average of 2,500 swipes a day? It’s really their Chip Body.

What will appeal to the Millennial Generation is the fact that they will be able to track their drug dosage on smartphones. Having grown up with 24/7 surveillance, they might not even mind their doctor and government knowing their vital statistics. But if there is electronic data, it can be hacked by anyone or used against them in some nefarious way.

Bottom line, allopathic Big Brother is following chipped drugs to make sure people are taking them. However according to the above article “The pill has not yet been shown to actually improve patients’ medication compliance.” So, how will doctors force compliance, what will be the punishment if patients don’t comply? Arthur Caplan, a medical ethicist at NYU asks. “Is the doctor going to start yelling at me? Am I going to get a big accusatory speech?” Or will the chip have an additional app that will shock a person when they are supposed to take their next pill – and keep on shocking them until they do?

James Giordano, a professor of neurology at Georgetown University Medical Center was asked, “’Could this type of device be used for real-time surveillance? The answer is of course it could.”

And what exactly is so cavalierly being injected into our bodies? What are the health effects of having sensors that are triggered by electromagnetics! Where do they end up? The possible pitfalls are staggering. But also staggering is the fact that we have no way of preventing this technology from being implemented – the FDA has already sanctioned it! The dialogue between your Chemical Body and Chip Body becomes more intimate and exploitable.


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