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Heart Stents Don’t Work

November 14, 2017

Gina Kolata, science and medicine reporter at the New York Times writes “Unbelievable: Heart Stents Fail to Ease Chest Pain.” It’s quite a shocker to learn that the so-called surgical solution to coronary artery disease is just another dud! Kolata follows a lawyer in her article, who was actually on the operating table to get stented when his doctor called off the operation. Why? Because he just read the study AND because the patient is a lawyer and could have sued him for malpractice!

A stent is a metal or plastic mesh tube inserted into a blood vessel to keep it open. Doctors used to say that cholesterol blocks the coronary arteries. Now they are focusing more on calcium since they have been using Coronary Artery Calcium Scans and cholesterol is falling by the wayside. In fact “Cholesterol is not considered a nutrient of concern for overconsumption.” So says the 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee in a Time online article. In this article “Experts say this would mean that recommendations are finally catching up with the evidence, which suggests that dietary cholesterol bears little impact on a person’s risk of heart disease.” Has this announcement dropped the sale of statin drugs? I don’t think so.

A 2015 publication of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics recommended that dietary cholesterol be dropped from the nutrients of concern list. It also deemphasized saturated fat as a nutrient of concern because of the lack of evidence connecting it with cardiovascular disease. What about salt/sodium? The Academy expressed concern over the blanket sodium restriction recommendations in light of recent evidence of potential harm to the overall population. There is a growing body of research suggesting that the low sodium intake levels recommended by the DGAC (Dangerous Goods Advisory Council) are actually associated with increased mortality for healthy individuals. So, all the dietary advice medicine has given us including high calcium and high Vit D supplementation to prevent heart disease and osteoporosis is wrong.

And what have they missed? Magnesium, of course. Magnesium regulates cholesterol levels, it keeps calcium in solution, directs it to the bones where it belongs and away from soft tissue. Magnesium is also a natural calcium channel blocker. Magnesium, especially ReMag has such an important role to play but I’m not allowed to represent it as a treatment for disease, which the FDA says makes it a drug. Excuse me! It’s NOT a drug it’s a mineral that is deficient in 80% of the population whose magnesium deficiency symptoms are misdiagnosed as disease. I’m righting a wrong here. In the future Nuremberg Trials of Magnesium, the practitioners and drug companies who pushed magnesium aside in favor of toxic drugs will be held accountable.

A very ethical and balanced MD who I quote from time to time, Dr. John Mandrola, wrote about “The Corrosive Force in Medicine.” Mandrola, a cardiologist, says that doing an ablation, catherization, stent or valve replacement earns a bunch of relative value units (RVUs). However, listening to patients, examining patients, counseling patients, hugging patients earns very few RVUs. Doing important research, teaching colleagues, and reading the medical evidence earns zero RVUs.

There are no points for being a good doctor who has happy, healthy patients because she/he is recommending nutrients and giving them lifestyle counseling, nutrition counseling, or stress counseling. Unfortunately, RVUs have become the primary unit of success and job security. This type of medicine ensures an overabundance of surgeries, screenings, and diagnostic procedures because they make money.

Mandrola says in order to stay employed you can’t make waves, you must have good templates on your electronic health record so documentation is complete, and you have to do tons of procedures, all which makes you valuable to the corporation. Imagine, medicine is not a corporation, a profit-making business that focuses on the bottom line dollar not the patient.

Because RVUs manage medicine, I conclude that stents will continue to be performed in spite of the fact that they don’t work.

Please take my advice and keep yourself healthy so you don’t end up with a magnesium deficiency condition that will only be treated with drugs and surgery. The best way to keep yourself healthy is with my Completement Formulas.


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