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Medieval Medicine 

November 17, 2017

I wrote “Death by Modern Medicine” with the sarcasm evident in the title but I think it’s time that medicine accepted its true nature – Medieval Medicine. In the midst of writing this blog about the history of medicine my Master WebMaster asked “Why does “modern medicine” seem so medieval?

I think medicine has always been medieval and there is not much we can do to change it except take care of ourselves. What follows is my biased history of medicine:

  1. Women, intimately connected with the cycles of the moon, developed calendars and with that knowledge became natural leaders. However, men have always feared women’s ability to create life and thus they have tried to control us.
  2. Men burned woman herbalists and midwives at the stake and called them witches when they interfered with the manly art of doctoring, which devolved into giving mercury for syphilis and bloodletting for everything else.
  3. (Edited from Death by Modern Medicine) In 1908, a non-medical, educational reformer, Abraham Flexner, was commissioned by the Carnegie Foundation to assess North American medical schools. Flexner loved German medicine and advised:
    • A sharp decrease in the number of medical schools
    • A reduction in the number of physicians in order to elevate the medical profession to a more elite status.
    • Funding only those schools that adopted German, scientific-based, laboratory medicine

The Flexner Report was a means by which the Carnegie and Rockefeller foundations were able to establish a ‘scientific’ medical monopoly in North America. You can access that online and read how the allopaths worked alongside the wealthy foundations to remove every ‘rude boy’ and ‘jaded clerk’ from the business of medicine. BOOM went the Ecclectic medical schools; BOOM went the women’s medical schools, BOOM went the black medical schools.

  1. After WWII, the German technology that had created the gas chambers and the doctors who performed inhumane experiments on prisoners were imported to the U.S. The killing gases found their way into crop dusters that began contaminating our food. The chemical drugs are still mostly controlled by German pharmaceutical companies and continue to poison us to this day.
  2. Nurses in the 1970’s in England still had to rise and give a slight bow to a doctor who came into an examining room.
  3. When I went to medical school in the mid 1970’s all previous medical classes had fewer than 25% females. I was in the first class that had 33% females. True to form we took over! We had a female class president. I began the first Ethics course. Imagine having no ethics course in a top-rated medical school. In the first week of medical school, I embarrassed a doctor who routinely peppered his slides with nude female pictures by substituting nude male shots from Playgirl Magazine. The doctor and the administration were embarrassed to the core and overnight took down all manner of misogynistic pictures, literature, and attitudes in the whole medical school. I also started the first annual snowball fight.
  4. In 2004 and 2005 I attended Codex Alimentarius (Food Code) meetings in Bonn and Rome. Wiki says that “in 1996 the German delegation put forward a proposal that no herb, vitamin or mineral should be sold for preventive or therapeutic reasons, and that supplements should be reclassified as drugs. The proposal was agreed upon, but protests halted its implementation.” That was the agenda of Codex and by 2005 the German chairman of Codex forced consensus and implemented this proposal. The FDA abides by the same wording that nutrients cannot treat disease, and if they do, they are reclassified as drugs. Thank goodness those trade agreements are all being torn asunder by Trump.
  5. Here we are in 2017; we have one million doctors who are misdiagnosing 65 medical conditions that are really magnesium deficiency and using drugs that make things even worse. Doctors are forced to practice in HMO’s with 5-7 minute appointments. Studies show that a doctor makes his/her diagnosis in the first SEVENTEEN SECONDS of meeting a patient and it’s not long before he/she hands over a prescription, which signals the end of the appointment.
  6. Doctors are graded on how many patients they see, how many referrals they make, how many prescriptions they write, and how many procedures they perform. It’s all quantified in a monthly report of Relative Value Units (RVUs). The horror is that the RVUs enhance the value of the corporation, NOT the patient. What is the fate of the patient in this assembly line of tests, drugs, and surgery? She/he is drugged up, cut up, and bankrupt!

Make sure this is NOT your fate and stay healthy!

Rather than running straight to the doctor’s office at the first sign something might be off, take a moment to question any recent lifestyle, diet or sleep changes that may have occurred. Use the vast resources available online to figure out if you’re simply mineral deficient or stressed out. And, if you must visit a doctor, don’t forfeit your entire will to them – ask questions and continue to do research on what they propose you should be putting in your body.


Carolyn Dean MD ND

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