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The War on Calcification

November 3, 2017

When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail is the prevailing medical model in the treatment of heart disease. In spite of proof to the contrary, medicine still believes that cholesterol is the cause of heart disease. Now they are using the Coronary Calcium Score to “motivate” people into taking statin drugs as the treatment for excessive calcium in the coronary arteries that gets attached to cholesterol. But statins don’t remove calcification. Even worse, they deplete magnesium, which causes more calcium to build up. It’s quite mind boggling to me that medicine has lost its commonsense and its moral compass as it clings to drugs as the only treatment for disease.

Medicine says the Coronary Calcium screening tool is “non invasive.” BUT it’s an X-ray. I must have missed the memo that says radiation is harmless. The Scan also leads to much more invasive testing if your score is high and there can definitely be side effects from sticking wires up your groin and into your heart during cardiac catherization.

Calcification is big news now but doctors are at a loss because they have no drugs to treat it and they won’t look at magnesium as the obvious solution.

Who’s getting calcified? It’s seems that everyone is at risk with our high intake of dietary calcium, our poorly absorbed calcium supplements, magnesium deficiency, and high doses of Vitamin D, which all encourage soft tissue calcification. Below is a PARTIAL LIST of calcification conditions that add up to a tremendous amount of chronic disease in the population.

  1. Heart disease – atheroma, atherosclerosis, aortic valve stenosis, calcium build up in carotids, coronary arteries, renal arteries – any arteries in the body. Heart disease is the leading cause of death for men and women; about  25% of all deaths amounting to 610,000 people die of it in the U.S. every year.
  2. Calcinosis – Deposition of calcium in the lung, kidneys, blood vessels, and stomach.
  3. Calcific tendenitis in the rotator cuff
  4. Gall stones
  5. Hypoparathyroidism
  6. Kidney stones
  7. DCIS – breast tissue calcification misidentified as precancer
  8. Fibromyalgia muscle spasms and calcification
  9. Bladder tissue and urethral calcification
  10. Magnesium deficiency and all associated symptoms
  11. Aging. Dr. Pierre Delbet observed, almost a century ago, that with age, the body’s tissues have three times more calcium than magnesium, and he concluded that magnesium deficiency plays a role in senility.

Each of these conditions is treated with a host of drugs that don’t cure the problem but only suppress the symptoms. I can only hope that the misuse of drugs to treat magnesium deficiency will eventually be addressed in the same manner as the misuse of Fentanyl – arrest and incarceration of drug company executives who abuse their positions as providers of “health care.”

What more can I say? I think I’ve proven over and over again that magnesium deficiency and calcium excess are killing people. Yet we are so locked into a drugs and surgery medical model that few people believe me. They say it’s too simple a solution; they’ve tried magnesium before and it doesn’t work; they have tried everything; they’ve been to all the doctors; I must be lying because I say there is hope for chronic disease. It’s quite sad that people feel so sick, hopeless, and bitter about their health when there is so much that could be done if insurance paid for alternatives and nutrition was promoted. Until that happy day occurs I will continue to promote the basic building blocks in my Completement Formulas that support the structure and function of the body in a way that keeps us happy and healthy.


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